Facebook 'like' bug opens door to unscrupulous retailers to look more popular

Last Updated: Sun, Oct 07, 2012 10:00 hrs

Facebook has admitted that a bug in its software means that anything users 'like' could appear more popular than they actually are.

The glitch meant that every time somebody shares a link in a private message, it could increase the number of 'likes' twice instead of once.

Critics said that unscrupulous retailers or celebrities could exploit this to make themselves look more popular than they are.

According to the Daily Mail, the issue also highlights once again how Facebook monitors even parts of its website which most users would expect to be private.

Web security blog Hacker News said that the bug means that anything that could be shared and has a counter for likes could be open to fraud.

"If you're visiting an online store and you see a lot of likes under the product then this might cloud your judgement," one commenter on Hacker News wrote. (ANI)

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