Failed dynast spoke about failed political journeys: Smriti Irani on Rahul Gandhi's speech in US

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 12, 2017 13:14 hrs
Smriti Irani, Union Cabinet Minister of Textiles

New Delhi: Information and broadcasting minister Smriti Irani held a press conference on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's address to students at University of California's Berkeley. Gandhi, whose party slid to its lowest tally ever in Parliament in the last election, admitted that a "certain arrogance" had crept into the Congress and took responsibility for a couple of years of lost opportunities from 2012.

"To say that Congress became arrogant under Smt. Gandhi and hence lost election is a big political confession in itself," Irani stated while adding that it was sad that Gandhi had to cry about his party's failure at an international fora.

Irani called Rahul a "failed politician", saying that he had no support from people anywhere in the country.

Gandhi had said at UC Berkeley that every Indian is a dynast, and Irani said that the BJP took serious offense to such a lie being propagated on foreign soil.

"A failed dynast today chose to speak about his failed political journeys in US," she said commenting on Rahul Gandhi's charge of dynasticism being prevalent in India.

"The President was born in a lower caste, the Vice-President is the son of a farmer, and the party President Amit Shah is not from a political dynasty," Irani added.

"India's Prime Minister - Narendra Modi - is a man who has risen from a humble background, as have the President the Vice President. The People of India have given a historic mandate in favour of PM Modi, and that Mr Gandhi's party, largely because of their dynastic politics, was reduced to new low. This shows that India is not dynastic in nature."

Irani also said that Rahul was out of place in criticising the Prime Minister on the Jammu & Kashmir issue.

"It is not a new thing for Rahul Gandhi to attack the Prime Minister," she said.

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