Former Punjab Police chief lauds Brar for warding off attack

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 03, 2012 06:59 hrs

Amritsar: Former Director General of Punjab Police, Kanwar Pal Singh Gill, has lauded Lieutenant General (Retired) Kuldeep Singh Brar for fighting off his attackers in London, while accusing Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of sponsoring the Khalistan Movement.

Lt. Gen. (retired) Brar, who led the 1984 Operation Blue Star on Sikh militants in Amritsar, was seriously injured during an attack by three men just off Oxford Street in Central London on Sunday night.

Gill told media here, that while the Khalistan Movement had been suppressed in Punjab, its advocates still reside in several foreign countries, some of whom were behind this attack.

"Khalistani elements have been supported by ISI throughout, and they want to keep the Khalistan Movement alive. Although, it is dead in Punjab, but the Diaspora, we always find elements, and it is such elements who were behind the attack on (Lt.) General Brar," he said.

"But from the attack itself, it is clear that these gentlemen were not well-trained terrorists, and that's why, the general could face them and repulse them. But it's an indication that they got an opportunity, and they took advantage of that opportunity," he added.

No arrests have, however, been made so far in connection with this attack. Scotland Yard is carrying on with the investigations.

Lt. Gen. (Retired) Brar, who has been on the hit-list of various extremist and militant organisations after his role in the Operation Blue Star, has said the attack on him in London on Sunday night was an assassination attempt.

"I kicked and boxed and warded off the attack," he told a news channel after the news of the assault on him was reported in India on Monday night.

"Four bearded tough looking men wearing black jackets and black clothes pounced on me. One of them pushed my wife to the side; she fell down and started screaming for help. Three of them charged at me, one pulled and tried to assassinate me. He slashed my neck with the knife but being an armyman I fought back. I kicked and boxed and warded off the attack, but in the meantime they had already slashed my neck," he said.

Brar, the retired army officer was involved in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, and commanded the Operation Blue Star to flush out pro-Khalistan Sikh militants from the Golden Temple complex. (ANI)

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