US' massive embassy expansion plans seen as meant for micro and macro management of Pak

Last Updated: Thu, May 28, 2009 11:00 hrs

Islamabad, May 28 (ANI): The United States is planning to construct a huge new embassy in Islamabad to meet its future mission requirements.

According to diplomatic sources, the US is mulling to expand its already sprawling compound to accommodate about 400 to 500 apartments.

The US is certain to receive the indignation from people in the country where feelings are already against it, as they believe Washington has 'imperial designs' in the region, the Globe and Mail reports.

The project would be similar to the massive US embassy built in Baghdad, the biggest American mission overseas to date.

US officials have also confirmed the expansion plans.

"For the strong commitment the U.S. is making in the country of Pakistan, we need the necessary platform to fulfill our diplomatic mission. The embassy is in need of upgrading and expansion to meet our future mission requirements," said Jonathan Blyth, Director of External Affairs at the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations.

According to the sources, the US State Department is currently seeking finance for the Islamabad embassy project, and it has also tabled a bill before the Congress in this regard.

Many believe that with this expansion, the United States is planning to use Pakistan for pushing its policies in the region, similar to what it did in Baghdad.

"This is a replay of Baghdad. This (Islamabad embassy) is more than they should need. It's for the micro and macro management of Pakistan, and using Pakistan for pushing the American agenda in Central Asia," said Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Khurshid Ahmad.

Sources said the mission would house a large military and intelligence contingent as well as diplomats.

The site would expand by 18.5 hectares and several buildings would be razed before being reconstructed again.

Not only this, the United States is also planning to give its consular buildings in Lahore and Peshawar a new look. (ANI)

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