Gaddafi regime said to be in control of three towns near Tripoli

Last Updated: Wed, Mar 02, 2011 10:40 hrs

In the latest development, the Gadaffi regime has retaken at least two towns near Tripoli from rebels.

Brega, an oil refinery town in the east of Libya, and Gharyan, the largest in the Nafusa Mountains, is reportedly under the control of Libyan forces. Another town Sabratha, located west of Tripoli, is also said to be under their control, The Guardian reports.

The paper said there have been clashes in Brega, which is about 250 kilometres south of Benghazi.

"We're told this morning by multiple sources that Gaddafi forces have come up the highway, they have retaken Brega, they've started with the airport, they're now in control of Brega itself," The Guardian's Martin Chulov said.

"That's two towns in two days - that's a 200km advance," Martin says, adding that there are "plenty of worries in Benghazi". (ANI)

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