Gaddafi seeks UN probe into unrest in Libya

Last Updated: Sun, Mar 06, 2011 08:10 hrs

Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has said that the United Nations (UN) or the African Union should probe into the unrest rocking Libya, and promised investigators free access.

Gaddafi, who made his first such demand since the outbreak of violent protests in Libya, has also warned that the unrest would spell disaster for Europe, reports.

"First of all I would like that an investigatory commission of the United Nations or the African Union comes here to Libya. We will let this panel work unhampered," the Libyan leader said.

Warning that the protests would have serious repercussions for Europe, Gaddafi said: "Thousands of people from Libya will invade Europe, and there will be no-one to stop them."

Gaddafi repeated his claims that revolts against his regime was being spearheaded by the al-Qaeda.

"There is an Islamic jihad facing you from the Mediterranean. Osama bin Laden will install himself in North Africa ... you will have bin Laden at your gates," he warned.

"They will attack the US Sixth Fleet. There will be acts of piracy here at your gates, about 50 kilometres from your borders. Bin Laden's men will demand ransom from land and sea. This will really become an international crisis," Gaddafi added. (ANI)

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