Ghibli's Castle in the Sky sets record with 143,199 tweets in one second

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 21, 2013 05:50 hrs

An airing on Japanese television of the 1986 anime series garnered most number of tweets in a second smashing the previous records on the microblogging social media site Twitter.

Studio anime Caste in the Sky received 143,199 tweets in one second, destroying the previous record of 33,388 and fans of the Hayao Miyazaki film tweeted the word 'balse' at the exact time that it is uttered in a pivotal moment of the movie on August 2.

According to, this isn't the first time Japanese users have played a key role in breaking the mark. Earlier one such record was set this past New Year's at the moment the clock struck midnight in Tokyo.

In 2011, when Castle in the Sky was aired the tweets topped the then-record of 8868 tweets a few moments after Beyonce announced she was pregnant at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The report added that the airing of the Ghibli films is such a phenomenon in Japan that the country's stock traders have developed superstitions regarding the confluence of Ghibli movies and US jobs reports. (ANI)

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