Girija Vyas condemns Guwahati molestation case, calls for 'change in mindset'

Last Updated: Fri, Jul 13, 2012 06:59 hrs

New Delhi: Condemning the Guwahati molestation case, former National Commission for Women chairperson Girija Vyas said on Friday that there is a need for a change in the mindset to prevent such incidents from taking place.

"This incident is such, which should be condemned to its fullest. I have not been able to sleep properly since the last night after I came to know about this incident. I realized whether we are in true sense in the 21st century where we can sit on the president's post, but even today our condition is such that any person moving on the road can tease us or misbehave with us," she said.

Vyas said this unfortunate incident should be taken very seriously not only in Assam, but in the other states as well.

"The mindset has not changed even now. Any girl has the right to attend parties. Arrests have been made into this incident. So, I can say that the government is alert. I sincerely believe that more arrests will be made in this case," she added.

Vyas further said the laws with regard to cases like these should be made more strict, and added that there is a need for promoting an awareness campaign throughout the country.

"But five questions come to the fore following this incident. The laws should be stricter. The role of the executive, the police, etc. should be increased. The mindset has not changed and there is a need for a change in the law. The civil society should take some steps, they should do something against a crime that is happening right in front of their eyes," said Vyas.

"The awareness campaign should be increased. The role of media should be increased in ensuring that the police administration passes more stringent laws in molestation cases," she added.

Vyas further said the girls should be given self-training so that they are able to deal firmly and boldly with such unpleasing incidents taking place.

"I am also writing a letter to the Women Commission so that they act upon it," she added.

A girl was molested earlier on Monday when she was returning home after attending a party at a city bar located in Guwahati's Post Office area.

The incident came to light after an amateur video of the incident was uploaded on YouTube. The video shows the mob, consisting of around 20 men, beating the girl before stripping her.

The local police, however, later arrested around four people in connection with this case following widespread outrage following the incident in the city.

The rest accused are still to be arrested. 

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