Google founder's new found love finds romance and kids uninspiring

Last Updated: Mon, Sep 02, 2013 06:02 hrs

The recently exposed new found girlfriend of one of the world's biggest tech company Google's founder is believed to find romance and kids uninspiring.

Amanda Rosenberg, 26, who was identified as married billionaire Google co-founder Sergey Brin's new girlfriend had reportedly expressed her disliking for kids and romance as uninspiring.

Rosenberg mocked a series of feel-good phrases featured in the design for a Lululemon tote bag in a 2012 post for a women's fashion blog and listed children as the 'orgasm of life' whom she hates the most and put love at number 6, New York Post reports.

Before dating Brin, Rosenberg is known to have been in a relationship with now ex-Google Android vice president Hugo Barra and as soon as her recent relationship with the Google boss came out in the open, she has become the most searched subject on the fifth position on own site.

Rosenberg, the Google Glass marketing head, who coined the voice command for the gadget 'OK Glass' was moved to a new position at the San Francisco-based Google offices to avoid being close to Brin who is also the father of two.

According to the report, Google's policy states that if office relationships are found to be disruptive then it may require changes to work arrangements or termination of the employee(s) in question.

Brin is speculated to be heading for a divorce with his wife of six years Annie Wojcicki as he has been already living apart for the past four months. (ANI)

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