GPS navigation devices to be 90 pc more accurate

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 14, 2013 12:20 hrs

Researchers in Spain have developed a system that they claim can greatly improve the accuracy of car satellite-navigation system.

The new sat-nav combines a conventional global positioning system (GPS) signal with those of other sensors - accelerometers and gyroscopes - to pinpoint a car's location to within 2m.

The researchers told the BBC that it can be cheaply installed in any car and may eventually work on smartphones.

The sat-nav system was jointly designed and developed by the Applied Artificial Intelligence Group and the Systems Intelligence Laboratory - both based at Carlos III University in Madrid (UC3M).

Researcher David Martin said that they have managed to improve the determination of a vehicle's position in critical cases by between 50 and 90 percent.

According to the scientists, the margin of error of commercial GPS used in cars is about 15m in an open field, which can be off by about 50 m in cities

In certain cases, like in tunnels, communication is lost completely.

The system developed in Madrid makes use of a unit comprised of three accelerometers and gyroscopes that keep track of the speed and direction of a car at all times.

The information from these is combined with that from a conventional GPS unit to pinpoint a location of a car to within 2m in cities. (ANI)

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