Highlights of Modi's Delhi speech

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 06, 2013 12:43 hrs

Around 1,800 students cheered as Narendra Modi spoke at length on the Gujarat model of development at the Shri Ram College of Commerce's management festival 'Business Conclave 2013'.

Here are the highlights of his speech:

  • I come from the land of Gujarat, from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Vallabhai Patel
  • Two streams of thought  influenced our freedom struggle - non-violence and armed revolution
  • The entire world is looking at Gujarat model of governance
  • Good governance for me is P2G2, Pro People Good Governance
  • Gujarat model of development is based on three sectors
  • We have developed our state on 3 pillars. Agricultural, industry, service sector. Even if one pillar fails, the other two can support the economy of the state
  • We are not a poor country. We are rich in natural resources. We are not using our resources properly, our challenge is use them fully
  • I am an eternal optimist and always hopeful
  • India can develop and I can say this on the basis of my experience in Gujarat
  • Lack of good governance means the whole country thinks that all politicians are involved in scams
  • We teach our farmers how to increase their produce
  • We have started a project to reserve water. Gujarat is the only state where water level is going up
  • We need to work on value addition. Farm to fibre, fibre to fabric, fabric to fashion, fashion to foreign
  • People in Delhi drink milk that comes from Gujarat. In Europe, if you eat bhindi, that would have come from Gujarat
  • We hold a medical camp for cattle regularly. As a result in last 6 years, over 100 cattle disease has been eradicated
  • Due to cattle well-being, milk produce has increased. As a result a village's economy has strengthened
  • Today the number of our universities has increased. We are the first in the world to have a forensic university
  • There is no one among you who has not had salt from Gujrarat
  • India must develop quality product and services
  • India needs good teachers and Gujarat has set up an university to train teachers
  • Technology upgradation is a must if India wants to develop
  • Gujarat government organises agriculture fair in May every year for the development of agriculture
  • Gujarat has the youngest police force in the country
  • Gujaratis are the best tourists. You will find them everywhere - Even in five star hotels you will find them eating thepla from dabbas. Purchasing power should continously rise
  • When we were young anything that was 'Made in Japan' was bought without a second thought. Why not create a 'Made in India' craze
  • We hosted CWG, through that one event we could have created branding for our country
  • Vibrant Gujarat created a branding for Gujarat. 50% GDP of the country was under one roof at the Vibrant Gujarat summit. I had 10 days to organize it but 121 countries were there
  • Government has no business to do business
  • For development we should have skill, scale and speed
  • Minimum government and maximum governance is my creed
  • We need to upgrade our skills and work speedily
  • India image abroad is changed by the hard-working youngster and not by any political leader
  • India's youth can rule the world
  • We should work towards the fruition of Swami Vivekanand's dream in the 150th year of his birth
  • Development is the solution to all problems
  • The country has been adversely affected by votebank politics - we need development politics. There is no alternative to development

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