Hindu militants copying tactics of jihadis: Chidambaram

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 13:32 hrs

New Delhi: Union Home Minister P Chidamabarm on Wednesday said Hindu militants are copying the tactics of the jihadis.

Chidambaram moots new security structure for India

Giving an overview of the different kinds of war waged across the world during various periods, he said, "It is said that the Cold War came to an end with the fall of the Berlin wall on November 9, 1989, but that was not the end of all wars. Just as the Cold War came to an end, we witnessed the emergence of another kind of war, namely, jihad."

Delivering the 22nd Intelligence Bureau Centenary Endowment Lecture here, Chidambaram said, "Jihad employs terror as an instrument to achieve its objectives. Such terror is directed against all and sundry, its victims are usually innocent people, and its goal is to overawe and overthrow the established authority.”

"The tactics of the jihadis have been copied by militants belonging to other groups too, not excluding militants professing the Hindu faith," he said