Home Minister is correct; PM did not mention ISI in Gonda speech

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 24, 2017 12:14 hrs
Narendra Modi (Image credit: narendramodi.in)

Home Minister Rajnath Singh, replying to a question in the Rajya Sabha on March 22, 2017, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not accuse Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of being involved in the Kanpur train tragedy on November 20, 2016, that claimed over 150 lives.

The home minister was replying to the question raised by Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on the issue, mentioning Modi's speech in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, during the election campaign that concluded recently.

Modi, in his hour-long election speech in Gonda on February 24, 2017, did refer to the Kanpur tragedy but only spoke about the "enemy across the border" and did not mention the ISI.

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"Yeh hamara Gonda zilla seemavarti hai, Nepal se sata hua hai. Aap ne dekha hoga abhi Kanpur mein rail akasmat hua, ussme kuch log padke gaye..saikdo log mare gaye. Aur woh akasmat se nahin, police ne jo khojkar ke nikala hai, ek shadyantra hai." (Our Gonda district is close to the Nepal border. You must have seen the recent Kanpur rail accident. Some people have been arrested. Many people have lost their lives. And this is not an accident. Police have found out that this is a conspiracy).

Modi went on to add: "Aur shadyantra karne wale, kahan baite the? Seema ke uss par. Bhaiyon aur behon, agar seema par ke jo hamare dushman hai, woh apna kaarobar, seema ke uss par se chalaana chahte hain, toh Gonda zille mein zyada satarkta zaroori hai ki nahin?" (And where are the perpetrators of the conspiracy sitting? Across the border. Brothers and sisters, if our enemy across the border wants to conduct their business from across the border, isn't more vigilance necessary in Gonda?)

"Agar Gonda asurakshit hua toh Hindustan surakshit rahega kya?" (If Gonda is unsafe, can India be safe?), Modi asked voters, and urged them not to do any mistakes while voting.

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