How to ace video interviews

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 01, 2017 12:48 hrs

Washington, March 9 (ANI): Video interviews can seem really intimidating and one must learn to master the logistics of cracking such an interview.

Greg Rokos, president at GreenJobInterview, said that the first thing to remember is that there is not much difference between a video interview and a face-to-face one, Mashable reported.

Rokos said that the beauty of virtual interviewing is that it simulates the face-to-face experience.

According to Mary Ellen Slayter , managing director and founder of Reputation Capital Media Services and a career expert for, serious job seekers should carefully consider what technology they will use for the occasion, as one must use the best equipment available to them.

Slayter said that one should find a quiet room with a neutral background devoid of any distractions, where one wouldn't be interrupted and the interviewer wouldn't get distracted.

The job seeker should also arrange the camera and position themselves in such a way that there is a fairly tight focus on their head and shoulders and there is no shadow on the face.

Slater added that the most important thing is to make sure one looks at the camera, not at the screen, and that pretending to have a conversation with the camera helps in acing video interviews. (ANI)

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