IBPS 2013: Calculating standard scores for the Common Written Exam

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 01, 2017 12:46 hrs

The standard scores for Common Written Examination are obtained by the following method: 

1. Number of questions answered correctly by a candidate in each objective test is considered for arriving at the Corrected Score after applying penalty for wrong answers.

2. The Corrected Scores so obtained by a candidate are made equivalent to take care of the minor difference in difficulty level, if any, in each of the objective tests held in different sessions to arrive at the Equated Scores*.

3. The Equated Scores so obtained are standardized** to arrive at Final Standard Score with a minimum ‘0’ and maximum ‘50’ by following Linear Transformation Method. 

Equated scores: Scores obtained by candidates on any test are equated to the base form by considering the distribution of scores of all the forms.

How they are standardized: The equated scores in each test are scaled to Standardised Scores with Mean 25 and Standard Deviation 5 

Courtesy: IBPS

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