IBPS Clerk Exam 2014: FAQs for online registration

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The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) has issued an advertisement calling for recruitment of nearly 30,000 clerks for the fiscal year 2014-15. Prospective candidates have to successfully clear a Common Written Exam and interview organised by the institution.

At Sify Skills, we present a bouquet of articles that can equip eligible candidates ace the clerical exam. Reports detailing the syllabus, application procedure, frequently asked questions while applying for the role and guidelines for physically challenged students are found here. 

Also, Sify Skills coverage on IBPS clerk recruitment shares the profile of participating banks, strategies to excel in the exam, eligibility criteria for interested candidates, books to refer to, and an exclusive interview with a candidate who shares tips to succeed in the clerical exam and find employment with a banking institution.

Candidates can also take online mock tests hosted by Sify Skills on different topics and learn how well they are equipped to undertake the actual competency exam.

As candidates begin to apply online, here's a list of frequently asked questions they could refer to if their online registration process does not take off well.

1. What should I do if there is lot of delay in accessing the page?
Speed for Registration of On-Line Application on Internet, is based on various factors like Internet Speed, large number of applicants trying to register the application at the same time etc. Therefore if you are not able to get the pages for registration immediately, please retry after a gap of 15 minutes or during off-peak hours or during the night.

2. How do I know that my application is registered?
Successful Registration is indicated by the Page displayed after clicking the Submit Button indicating the generated "REGISTRATION NO." and "PASSWORD". Please note down the same carefully and preserve it. If you do not preserve it, you will not be able to Re-Print the Application and download the Call Letter.

3. I did not receive the email intimation for registration of my application?
"REGISTRATION NO." and "PASSWORD" are also sent by auto-response Confirmation emails. Delivery of these emails purely depends upon the correctness of E-Mail ID provided, Policy of your E-Mail Service Provider to accept and Divert such emails under Bulk or Spam Mails or bounce back such mails without accepting it due to heavy number of emails generated by our Applications. In case of Govt./official /company Email Ids, delivery is controlled by your Company Policies. Therefore, please do not expect replies from us, if you do not receive such confirmation / auto-response Emails.

4. How do I re-confirm that my application is saved?
In case of doubt about the successful Registration, candidates are advised to visit the Page for Re-Print of Application, generate the Printout and preserve the soft copy and hard copy (printout) of the Application.

5. After filling up the complete form, I got Blank Screen/ Internet got disconnected/ My PC closed/ hanged/ shutdown. Is my application saved/ registered?
Please refer to Point No.4. If you do not get the application printout through Re-Print option, your application is not saved. Please re-apply.

6. I did not receive the acknowledgement/ reply to my email communication?
"Reply to" Email Id for the Application is created for the convenience of the Candidates for genuine communications. Please do not use this address to send back the emails for "Acknowledgment", "Vacation Mail", "Friendship Offers", "Sales Offers" etc. Our Email Server is configured to delete such emails automatically.

7. What details should I retain while replying to auto-response emails?
While writing back by replying the confirmation emails for genuine problem, please retain the text containing "REGISTRATION NO." and "PASSWORD" details on the email.

8. What details should I provide while writing for the problem?
Please do not forget to provide following details while writing to us: : (1) POST APPLIED FOR (2) REGISTRATION NO. (3) MOBILE NO. (4) DATE OF BIRTH & (5) FULL NAME (6) DATE OF BIRTH as entered in application. In case of application failure or any error message, we would like to have the screenshot of the error in JPG, GIF format or as MS Word file. Additionally, you may provide the PC Details including the Operating System (like Windows XP, Vista, Linux etc.) & Internet Browser & version (like Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla 3.0, Firefox 3.5 etc.) used.

9. What payment options can I use for this service?
You can use Master/ Visa Debit or Credit cards or Internet Banking.

10. Do I get a confirmation of the payment that I have made?
For each payment you will receive an online Transaction Reference Number that is an acknowledgement for your payment request.

11. Do I have to pay any service fee?
Yes . Transaction charges for NEFT/ Online Payment will have to be borne by the candidate.

12. My Internet connection failed in the middle of my transaction, what do I do?
If the problem occurred before you entered your payment information, you can close your browser, log back in, and try again.

If you submitted your payment information and then experienced a problem, send mail to registration_helpdesk@ibpsorg.org before trying again.

13. My online payment transaction has gone through what do I do?
In case of any technical problem such as loss of connectivity the application fee / intimation charges will be automatically credited back to your account.
"In case you face any difficulty in online registration or if you haven't received auto response mail within 24 hours, inform us at registration_helpdesk@ibpsorg.org giving following specific details to enable us to provide quick resolution of the error encountered by you - (a) Registration Number (b) Name of the Bank (c) Name of the Post applied for (d) Your Email Id (f) Your contact telephone number (preferably your Mobile no ) (g) Your Operating System Windows XP SP2 or Linux ( with Version number) (h) Browser with its version number (i) Whether java script is enabled (j) Copy of Exact Text of error message you encounter.
"Please make one more attempt from any other PC with either Internet Explorer (5.5 or above), Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or above, Google chrome 2.0 or Opera 7.0 above. with java script enabled before filing the report with our help desk."

Courtesy: IBPS

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