IBPS Exams 2013: Preparation tips

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 01, 2017 12:44 hrs

The IBPS exams are around the corner. A lot of youngsters aspiring to build their careers in this field have been spending hours preparing for it.

While their stress and anxiety is understandable, remaining calm and confident in the run up to the exams will help them ace it.

Like any other selection exam, IBPS exams contain 5 sections. These include Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English Language, General Awareness and knowledge of computers. 

While most people study, practice, take coaching and try to understand what each of the five sections is about, they often tend to forget that their preparedness, time management skills, ability to remain calm on the day of exam is what makes the difference. 

So, here are some tips for preparation:  

1. Set aside time everyday for practice and sharpening your skills under each section.

2. Learn tables and some easy maths tricks to be quick in solving the quantitative section. At times, estimating the correct answer and choosing the closest option would also help.

3. Stay up-to-date with current affairs and Indian history. Spend some time every day to learn about the financial sector, its development over the years and about the banking industry. Many questions are bound to be related to this sector.  

4. A brush up on English vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms and basic grammar always helps.

5. Develop the habit of observation and be quick to observe changes. The test of reasoning relies on your observation and logical thinking skills. Many of the questions in this section will be problem figures and mirror images.  

6. Brush up on terminology and basics about computers, software, hardware, networking etc. Even if all of us are adept in using computers, we may not know the relevant terminology or theory. You don’t have to read big books but you need to stay abreast of the basic details. 

7. Keep testing yourself and if possible take some online tests for practice.  

8. Solve as many mock tests as possible. Check the amount of time you take and aim to improve upon it with every test that you write.

9. Make a group of friends and check your performance. See which section you would like to improve upon.

Asha Sidd Deepak

Asha Sidd is a former banker with twenty years of experience in customer care and projects. Currently, she is an active professional, family, and child counselor based out of Bangalore.

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