India successfully tests interceptor missile defence system

Last Updated: Sun, Mar 06, 2011 10:50 hrs

Defence Minister AK Antony today congratulated the scientists after India's prestigious ballistic missile defence system was successfully flight tested in the morning off the coast of Orissa.

A Target Missile mimicking the enemy's ballistic missile was launched from Launch Complex -III, ITR, Chandipur at 9.32 AM.

The missile tracking network consisting of long range and multi function radars and other range sensors positioned at different locations detected and identified the incoming missile threat.

The radars tracking the ballistic missile constructed the trajectory of the missile and continuous complex computations were done in real time by ground guidance computer to launch the interceptor at an exact time.

The fully automatic launch computer launched the interceptor at 9.37 AM and the onboard INS (Inertial Navigation System) and ground based radars guided the interceptor to the target (incoming ballistic missile).

The Interceptor intercepted the ballistic missile at an altitude of 16 km and blasted the missile into pieces. (ANI)

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