Indian Army flags off land yachting expedition

Last Updated: Thu, Mar 20, 2014 18:37 hrs

To commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebration of Konark, Air Defence Brigade is connducting conduct a six days long "Land Yachting Expedition" in the "Rann of Kutch".

The Rann covering an area of 18,000 sq kms is an extensive mudflat, salty and creaked inundated during monsoons. Its landscape is parched, desolate and desert like averaging 15m above sea level.

The barren and vast expanse of Rann though provides the ideal terrain for Land Yachting however, lack of landmarks, local resources and the sandy terrain devoid of any vegetation pose adequate challenges for adventure seekers.

The expedition was flagged off by Brig Subhash Yadav, Commander Konark Air Defence Brigade on Tursday from Kuarbet, Kutch.

The expedition will cover significant places in the sand desert of Kutch exploring various places like Dharmsala, Shaktibet while sailing all the way to Karimsahi and will conclude on Mar 25 covering a distance of approximately 112 kms.

A team of 26 trained soldiers from various units, led by Captain Abhinav Sharma will be sailing during the expedition.

Land sailing, also known as Sand Yachting / Land Yachting / Blokart Sailing is the sport of moving across land in a three wheeled vehicle powered by wind through the use of a sail.

Vehicles used in sailing are known as sail wagons or sand yachts. They typically have three (sometimes four) wheels and function much like a sailboat, except that they are operated by yachter in sitting or laying position and steered by pedals or hand levers. Land sailing works best in windy flat areas and races often take place on beaches, airfields & dry lake beds in desert regions, the Indian Army informed in a statement.

The expedition aims to promote the adventure sport and create awareness about the Indian Army in the rural areas of Gujarat as well as generate environmental awareness about the unique terrain and bio diversity of the Kutch region amongst the troops.

Konark Air Defence Brigade was raised on May 1, 1964. Since its raising, the Brigade and units under its ORBAT have participated in Op Ablaze, Op Cactus Lily, Op Rakshak, Op Vijay and Op Parakram. The Brigade has the distinction of being the largest Brigade in the entire Corps of Army Air Defence and lived up to the Army Defence motto of "Akashe Shatrun Jahi".

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