'Indian workers are the most satisfied with their jobs'

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 01, 2017 12:49 hrs

A survey conducted by Monster India, an online career and recruitment solutions provider, on levels of job satisfaction among Indian workers shows that over half of the workers (55%) love or like their jobs a lot – placing India third in international happiness rankings, behind Canada and the Netherlands.

Take away from the survey: 

- 18% Indians love their jobs and would do it for free

- 37% Indians enjoy their jobs but could like it more

- 0% Indians hate it as it is a necessary evil

Only 5% of Indian workers admit they actively dislike their jobs and no Indian workers say they hate their jobs – the lowest percentage of all countries surveyed.
The international survey polled more than 8,000 workers in Canada, France, Germany, India, The Netherlands, the UK and the US, asking the question “Which of the following best describes how much you love your current job?” The following responses were received in India:

18%                        Love it – would do it for free

37%                        Like it a lot – I enjoy what I do, but I could like it more

33%                        Like it – I like it well enough for now

5%                          Don't like it – I think I could do better

0%                          Hate it – but it is a necessary evil

8%                          Did not answer

Younger Workers – Most Satisfied
The research revealed that India's younger workers are most likely to be happy at work, with almost three quarters (72%) of workers aged 18 – 24 reporting that they like or love their jobs.
However, while those who have entered the world of work in the last few years may be happy, it seems the further Indians progress in their careers the less satisfied they become. The research reveals an inverse correlation between age and happiness at work, with the number of workers content with their jobs falling to just a third (36%) for those aged 50 – 64.
"The research findings are a reflection of prevailing business scenario and employee/worker mind-set where they want to be safe and not take any risks," said Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, Monster.com, India/ Middle East South East Asia
Money doesn’t buy happiness

The survey also looked at the split in happiness at work by income, revealing it is medium level earners, rather than those with huge salaries, who are happiest at work. Three in five (60%) of those on middle incomes say they like or love their job, compared to just over half (52%) of high earners. Lowest earners are the least content; with less than half (47%) saying they are happy at work.
An international view of happiness at work

The study reveals how seven countries rank in terms of the number of workers who say they either love or like their job a lot. The results show that Canadian workers are the most content, with Indian workers coming third in the rankings:
Canada (64%)
Netherlands (57%)
India (55%)
United States (53%)
United Kingdom (46%)
France (43%)
Germany (35%)
At the other end of the happiness spectrum, US respondents are the most likely to feel negatively about their jobs, with 15% giving their jobs a big thumbs down. This is followed by UK (12%), Germany (10%), France (9%), Canada and the Netherlands (both at 7%). Indians are the least unhappy nation at work, with only 5% feeling negative about their jobs. 

Source: Monster India

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