Indonesians outraged over judge's 'enjoy rape' remark

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 17, 2013 06:09 hrs

London: Outraged Indonesians have called for a high court judge to be dismissed after he joked that some rape victims 'enjoy the experience'.

Daming Sunusi, who is running for a post in the Supreme Court, made the comments during a fit-and-proper test, when asked whether the death penalty should apply to rapists.

According to the BBC, he has since apologized and said he was trying to lighten the tense mood, but politicians have refused to back his Supreme Court bid.

The Judicial Commission is investigating whether Daming broke the code of ethics.

During an interview, Daming was asked for his opinion on whether Indonesia should introduce the death penalty for convicted rapists, currently a heated topic of debate in the country.

He said that rapists may not deserve such a heavy penalty as 'the one raped and the rapist both enjoy it.

He later apologised at a press conference, saying he had 'said something that no man should ever say, especially a Supreme Court candidate'.

But his remarks have provoked strong reaction and calls for him to stand down or be fired.

Politician, Sarifuddin Suding, said that Daming's comments were inelegant, inappropriate and unbecoming of a judge and a Supreme Court hopeful.

According to the report, the Democratic Party, which holds a parliamentary majority, said it would reject Daming's application to the Supreme Court, and that he should give up his post as head of the Banjarmasin High Court in South Kalimantan. (ANI)

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