30 Jul 2016,22:54 IST
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Kalaripayattu conquers choreographers

Kalaripayattu, the martial art of Kerala, is gaining a new dimension with more and more choreographers recognising its potential
to give an added charm to their movements. The influence of Kalaripayattu is apparent in Shahrukh Khan starrer Dil Se.
It gives grace and power to the ‘Jiya Jale’ dance in the movie.
Recently, Dona Ganguly, Odissi dancer and wife of cricketer
Sourav Ganguly, too realised its potential to give "power to one's dance movements." Dona says she wants to learn Kalaripayattu because it makes the body more flexible and helps improve one's concentration. Let’s see what makes Kalaripayattu a martial
art with a difference.

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