Interview: Bipasha spreads breast cancer awareness

Last Updated: Sat, Nov 17, 2012 08:14 hrs

Bipasha Basu is spreading breast cancer awareness these days. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu in conversation with the sultry actress in Mumbai

What is Pinkathon all about?

Pinkathon-Run to Lead is a 10-km running event to spread awareness against breast cancer. Milind's (Soman, actor) company Maximus Events and Women´s Cancer Initiative (WCI) of Tata Memorial Hospital have come together to make people aware of something we need to know. This is a women-only marathon to be held in Mumbai on Dec 16. Being an exclusive event, here the ladies won't feel pressurized that the men are running too.

Is this the woman's cause that made you promote this event?

In the last seven years, whenever I was called to associate myself with a cause related to health and fitness, I have always taken out time to promote it. And I like causes like Pinkathon which talk about my philosophy in life, that is 'Love Yourself'. I want to preach that to everybody.

Breast cancer in India lacks awareness. Do you agree?

Yes. Not just breast cancer, but most women's diseases. It's very important to raise concerns about diseases like breast cancer. We take these things very lightly, we think it can't happen to us. But the fact is, when it comes, it just comes. So it's very important to be aware, especially for women. We women give a lot and we tend to forget ourselves most of the times. Today's women must realize that it's very important to take care of themselves because at any point of time, any kind of illness can attack you.

Will you participate in Pinkathon?

I definitely want to run. In most of the marathons, I am never allowed to run. I am the face of Delhi Half Marathon for the last three years, the experience has been fantastic, but I was never allowed to run. Milind said I can run at Pinkathon and hence am very excited.

How are you preparing yourself for the marathon?

I run seven to ten kilometers everyday. So I have already build up that energy within me. Otherwise, it's not that you can prepare yourself overnight for running a marathon.


Yes. You have to keep basics in mind, like, how to keep the posture right, to stay hydrated, do some warm-up (exercises) before running, and also you need to study about marathon and running in such events, and prepare yourself accordingly.

Coming to lighter things, when are you in your best mood?

I am in my happiest mood when I am in the gym.

How will you define yourself as a person?

More than gorgeous, I am a lovely person to know.

Are you brand conscious?

No, I am not a brand person. I pick a lot of clothes from roadside (shops). I don't like to plan my outfits. I pick up my outfit for a particular occasion depending on my mood at that point of time.

Apart from yourself, who do you consider as the most stylish person in Bollywood?

Sonam (Kapoor) is very stylish, she has a photogenic face.

Has there been a film where you played a character similar to your own self?

I think my character in Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai (2002) had traits of Bipasha Basu.

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