Interview: Kiss not important for Preity

Last Updated: Sun, Sep 23, 2012 18:37 hrs

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta is super excited about her debut film as producer - Ishkq in Paris. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the lady with dimples in Mumbai

What are your experiences of producing your first film Ishkq in Paris?

Being a producer is a tough job. Film production is not just about film making, but also crisis management. For the first schedule of the film, we went to Paris where the temperature dropped to minus 23 degree Celsius. The day we started shooting it started snowing non-stop. It was the coldest winter in Europe in the last 65 years. So we could not shoot for some days and there were other problems which I had to handle. There were a lot of hidden issues and drama, but eventually we all knew that we have to see the film on screen. And after handling an IPL (Indian Premier League) team (Kings XI Punjab), I thought I can handle these as well.

The film is about two strangers spending a night together in Paris. So can we call it a 'one-night stand' film?

(Laughs) The film is not about one night but there are many days involved in it. And it is a family film.

Salman Khan has done a special appearance in the song - Kudiye Di Kurti. But is it true that initially he was unhappy with the song you came up with?

As Salman says the song I brought to him was NG (No Good). Then he asked Sajid-Wajid (music directors) to compose the number. I really thank Salman for teaching me what a music sitting is all about.

So Salman had a positive effect on your film?

We really worked hard (on the film). But Salman is a real inspiration. He is the person who stood behind and helped me.

These days promotions play a major role in a film's success. Do you have big plans for promoting the film?

We are and will be doing different kinds of promotion. But definitely we (Preity and lead actor Rhehan Malliek) are not going to link ourselves up with each other for the sake of promoting the film.

Are you eyeing the Rs 100-croremark at the Box Office?

All I can say is, we have made a very nice film. Our film and our talent will talk.

How was debutant Rhehan Malliek in the film?

He was very good.

What is the USP of the film?

This film will see Preity Zinta back in her elements after a long time. It is an out-and-out romantic film.

Kissing scenes have become an inseparable part of a Hindi film. Is there a kissing scene in Ishkq in Paris?

No. Kissing is missing in Ishkq in Paris. Romance doesn't come from kiss but from heart. Kiss is a part of it, I agree, but a kissing scene does not necessarily signify a romantic film. I have done a lot of romantic films and did not find it necessary to kiss on screen.

You seem to have lost oodles of weight for this film.

I was about 10 kilos overweight in the past three years since I was into cricket (her IPL team Kings XI Punjab). When you are in front of the camera you know how to look and what to eat. But when you are running in the cricket field wearing a pair of jeans and a loose T-shirt, and being in Punjab eating parathas and kulchas, I had put on a lot of weight. It took me one year and three months to loose the extra weight.

Are you into dieting?

I am a very desi kind of a girl. I like dal, chawal, chapattis, sabzis ... I like the basic kind of food that you get in home every day. For me, things like diets, starving myself does not work. Being a filmstar obviously there is a pressure on you to look good but then you have to feel good too. I only look best when I feel the best. I take care of my body not for today, but for 50 years later so that when I am old, I am not dying of a hundred diseases.

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