Investing in 'long term' strategic partnership with India: Pentagon

Last Updated: Thu, Apr 11, 2013 23:13 hrs

New Delhi: As the United States re-balances its defence posture in the Asia Pacific region, the Pentagon has told the Congress it is investing in 'long term' strategic partnership with India.

In its annual budgetary proposals of USD 526.6 billion for the fiscal year 2014, beginning October 1, 2013, the US Department of Defence yesterday informed the Congress 'the United States is investing in a long-term strategic partnership with India to support its ability to serve as a regional economic anchor and provider of security in the broader Indian Ocean region'.

The Pentagon, which noted that building partnership capacity elsewhere in the world remains important for sharing costs and responsibilities of global leadership,

said it will have a global presence, which emphasizes the Asia-Pacific and Middle East, while still ensuring its ability to maintain defence commitments to Europe and strengthening alliance and partnerships across all regions.

Observing that its commitment to the Asia-Pacific region is part of a broader US Government focus, the Pentagon said key enhancements or protected investments in fiscal 2014 include continuing high-level, frequent visits by senior Department leaders to the region.

The defence budget dedicates USD 4.6 billion in support of re-balancing toward the Asia-Pacific, which is an USD 843 million increase over the previous year. 

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