Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei 'fond of vulgar jokes', defector claims

Last Updated: Thu, Dec 31, 2009 09:00 hrs

A defector from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's private guard has revealed that the Supreme Leader of Iran is fond of vulgar jokes.

The account of the defector, believed to be hiding in France, paints a comprehensive picture of the private life led by Khamenei, 70, who has held the top position in the Islamic nation since 20 years.

Iran's opposition Green Movement has now compiled the defector's description of Khamenei.

He discloses that Khamenei loves trout and caviar; is passionate about collecting bejewelled pipe and fine horses; and that he suffers regular attacks of depression, which are treated partly by a mid-ranking mullah who cracks vulgar jokes.hamenei is believed to have almost 170 antique walking sticks. The theologian is the proud owner of 100 of the country's best horses. Camels are specially bred so that their hair can be used for his cloaks.

His private court is claimed to comprise six palaces, including Naviran, the former resident of the Shah in Tehran. Naviran and Valikabad palaces are said to have concrete nuclear bunkers to sustain nuclear attacks. A state-of-the-art hospital is reported to be overseen by a former health minister.

The bodyguard is a part of the 200-member team responsible for the Supreme Leader's security. He is currently residing in France with the help of the Green Movement's exiled leader, Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

According to Makmalbaf, the Green Movement has found concrete evidence about the Khamenei family's investments abroad.

"If the Western governments are serious enough in putting pressure on the regime by applying economic sanctions, then they should follow these leads and find these bank accounts and confiscate their deposits to be returned to the Iranian people at a later time," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Three intelligence officials, who have also fled Iran, have also made similar allegations pointing out that the Khamenei family has business interests in European manufacturers, African mobile phone companies and international commodities markets.

However, Iran's embassy in London has kept mum over the issue.

A spokesman said: "I have no comment on those things." (ANI)

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