Iran to sue U.S. over "drone incursion": FM

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 05, 2012 09:40 hrs

-ANI): Iranian Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi said his country will take legal action against the United States at international courts over its "drone incursion" into the Islamic republic's airspace in the Persian Gulf, Press TV reported Wednesday.

On Tuesday, local reports said that the naval force of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) downed an U.S. drone over the Persian Gulf in Iran's waters. Iran's state TV also released a footage of the captured drone.

"The U.S. drone, which in the past days flew over the general ( international) zone of Persian Gulf gathering intelligence, was trapped in the air defense and controlling systems of IRGC and was captured as soon as it entered Iran's airspace," said the SepahNews affiliated to IRGC.

Salehi said Tuesday that the violation of Iran's airspace by the U.S. ScanEagle drone would be used as an evidence against Washington at international courts, according to Press TV.

"We formally protested such actions by the United States and announced that we would defend our borders by any means possible," Salehi said, referring to an earlier instance when another U.S. drone was downed by the Islamic republic.

In December 2011, Iranian media reported that the Iranian military downed the U.S. RQ-170 stealth aircraft in the eastern part of Iran after finding it transgressing the eastern border.

U.S. officials later denied that the drone was brought down by Iran, insisting that its fall was due to mechanical problems.

On Nov. 9, Tehran said a fighter jet of the Islamic republic had confronted an U.S. drone in the Persian Gulf. (Xinhua-ANI)

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