It's Britain's call, but an integrated EU good for all: German envoy

Last Updated: Sat, Feb 02, 2013 11:50 hrs

New Delhi, Feb 2 (IANS) A stronger and integrated European Union is good for all, including those outside the region like India, and Germany will work towards that, says

German ambassador Michael Steiner.

"Germany will support those policies that help in building EU stronger and in better economic integrations of the EU countries. There are various steps which are being taken to achieve this and a stronger EU is in the best interest of everyone, including India," Steiner told IANS.

He was reacting to a question on British Prime Minister David Cameron's recent promise of an "in-out" referendum on his country's membership in the EU.

"Let them have their referendum. However, a strong and more integrated EU is in the best interest of all British people and this will be taken into consideration by the people,"

said Steiner.

Steiner said all member-countries should work for a stronger and more integrated EU.

A core of European nations led by Germany is keen to push toward closer political and fiscal ties, while others like Britain want certain powers repatriated and favour a looser relationship within the EU.

British Prime Minister David Cameron Jan 23 promised an "in-out" referendum on British membership of the EU before 2017 if he wins the next election.

Another such country is the baltic republic of Latvia, whose President Andris Berzins has said Riga may not be able to preserve national independence if it followed EU directives.

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