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Jaipur hosts colourful floral carnival showcasing 200 varieties of Chrysanthemum

Source : ANI
Last Updated: Sat, Dec 08, 2012 08:02 hrs

India's Pink City of Jaipur hosts colourful floral carnival showcasing 200 varieties of Chrysanthemum flowers, attracting large number of children and locals.

Around 4000 pots were displayed with 200 varieties of colourful and exquisite Chrysanthemum flowers in university campus of Jaipur.

One of the visitors, Devdatt said that the show has been a visual treat.

"When we came to know about the exhibition of Guldaudi flowers we left all our work and came here. This exhibition is organized every year. Flowers and trees help you to forget all our pains. The greenery and beautiful flowers helps you to overcome the tiredness," said Devdatt.

Flower lovers were thrilled to see the show and said that it was a novel experience for them.

The superintendent of the Rajasthan University Garden, R K Yadav highlighted the significance of flowers in daily life.

"We should live and die with the flowers. Not only as per our Hindu tradition but also as part of all the traditions flowers are considered to be important. Women use flowers in their jewellery while others use the flowers to offer them before the deities. We also decorate and use flowers on all the auspicious occasions like marriage, birthday. Flowers are considered to be an important part of one's life," said Yadav

Many varieties of flowers have been imported from Korea and Japan.

The exhibition has been organised by Rajasthan University Garden in order to provide knowledge about diverse varieties of flowers. (ANI)

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