Japan's Omron Co. Ltd. develops blood pressure monitor and 3G telecommunication service

Last Updated: Sun, Apr 28, 2013 06:30 hrs

High blood pressure is one of the reasons for grave illnesses such as strokes, heart and renal diseases.

Japanese population counts around 127,000,000 citizens. A third of 40,000,000 peoples are supposed to suffering from high blood pressure. Even the half of that people; 16,000,000peoples are getting the treatment by a doctor. Furthermore, 1,040,000 peoples stop visiting the doctor or incomplete the treatment and not to get a depressor effects.

Now, OMRON Co., Ltd, a leading firm in the manufacture of medical instruments, has developed the world's first blood pressure analysis service named "Medical Link". This service will send all the necessary data directly to the doctor by using 3G network. (3rd Generations mobile network in Japan) Then, doctor can get patient's real blood pressure process and change or decide the treatment.

Till now, patients had to measure their blood pressure by themselves and show it to the doctor. Based on this data, the doctor decides the right treatment and diagnosis for a patient. This memo style sometimes results in mistakes being made by a patient while taking his or her blood pressure, or simply making a mistake while writing the results down. The doctor often can get confused while prescribing the right type of diagnosis.

Not only will "Medical Link" make the patients' data more reliable, it will also lead to a better level of communication between the doctor and the patient. Furthermore, graphs showing the measured results will make it easier to see the small changes in blood pressure patterns. Medical Link has made it possible to give each patient the "right treatment".

Now, Japan's 1,500 hospitals and medical facilities have started using this new service.

Kohno Seiji, a representative of Omron Co., Ltd, said: "We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the user. Even a 96-year-old lady living on her own said she didn't get any problems after using it. We will start with the presentation in Las Vegas in May and in China in June. We are planning to spread our new service to all over the world."

This brand new blood pressure analysis service made by Omron will be the world's first connecting medical care technologies. This new style of treatment will bring a lot of relief to people suffering from high blood pressure across the world. (ANI)

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