Jaswant comes out in Tyagi's defence

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 14, 2013 12:54 hrs

New Delhi: As BJP raked up the issue of kickbacks in the VVIP chopper deal in a big way, its senior leader Jaswant Singh today came out in defence of former Air Chief S P Tyagi and said allegations should not be made against each other till the truth is known.

The former Defence Minister in the NDA government also admitted that parameters for purchase of these helicopters were changed on the directions of the then National Security Adviser Brajesh Mishra but defended the decision saying it was done to avoid a single-vendor situation.

Singh said the guilty in the issue is an Italian company and people "have forgotten them".

He favoured expeditious and thorough probe into the allegations of payment of kickbacks in the Rs 3600 crore deal.

"We should not make wild allegations against a former Air Chief. It is not in the interest of both the Air Force and the country. The probe is on. As Mr Tyagi himself is saying, the probe should be held early. Why don't you agree to his suggestion," Singh told reporters.

Supporting Tyagi, who has been accused of taking bribes in the deal through his cousins, Singh said one should be careful while alleging "guilt through association".

"Don't start judging people simply because of association or simply because the former Air Chief Marshal Tyagi has cousins who are also known as Tyagis," he said.

The former Defence and External Affairs Minister cited his own example in this regard, saying, "One of my own cousins, first cousin, he was known as a smuggler. Does that make me a smuggler. If another relative of mine commits a crime, does that make me a criminal."

Singh said, "we should not make allegations against each other" till the truth is known.

Asked about Singh's remarks, party spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said, "Tyagi definitely has a lot of answer. He can't escape answering these questions. If there are others involved in the scam, they also have to be questioned."

Singh's comments assume significance in the context of high-decibel attack launched by his party against the government, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi over the scam.

"I am pained that the guilty here is the Italian company. It seems that we have forgotten them," Singh said.

Singh, who was the Defence Minister in 2001, admitted that the tender specifications were changed during NDA rule.

"Yes, what he has said is true," Singh said when asked to comment on remarks by Tyagi that the specifications in the tender were changed in 2003 during the NDA rule when George Fernandes was the Defence Minister.

Italian prosecutors have contended that the specifications were altered to make AgustaWestland's helicopters eligible in the contract for the 12 VVIP helicopter deal. Among the changes made were the reduction in the altitude from 19000 ft to 15000 ft.

"I don't see why there is so much of excitement about changing the parameters. There was a plausible and good reason for the change that was to be brought about.

"The original proposal for the VVIP helicopter emerged in the year 2000 and one of the criterion in that was that the helicopter for VIP movement ought to be able to go up to 18,000 feet.

"When this came to the Prime Minister's office and it came back to the Cabinet Committee on Security, then it was found that to have a single vendor proposal would be improper." 

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