Jews, Buddhists back Hindus at mishandling of Kali

Last Updated: Mon, Jul 02, 2012 14:13 hrs

Nevada, July 2 (IBNS) Jews and Buddhists have come out in support of Hindus who are upset at the inappropriate usage of Kali and other Hindu deities by the Georgia (USA) online games developer Hi-Rez Studios in the upcoming online action video game SMITE.

Rabbi ElizaBeth W. Beyer, prominent Jewish leader in Western USA, in a statement in Nevada on Monday, said that beliefs of Hindus should be respected.

"We join the Hindus in requesting the company developing this online video game to avoid trivializing the deeply held beliefs of Hindus by changing the product accordingly", Rabbi Beyer stressed.

Jikai' Phil Bryan, distinguished Buddhist leader from Nevada, in a statement in Reno today, asked the video game developer to urgently stop the misuse of Kali and other Hindu deities and instead immerse themselves in the true meaning and depth of Hinduism.

"Shame on the game-makers for denigrating these Supreme Beings, who bring hope, love, compassion, and highest benevolence to about one billion people world over", Buddhist leader added.

Meanwhile, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement few days back, urged Alpharetta headquartered developer Hi-Rez Studios to immediately remove Kali and other Hindu gods from the game as it trivialized the highly revered deities of Hinduism.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, stressed that in a video game set-up, the player would control the movements of goddess Kali and other Hindu deities, while in reality the devotees put the destinies of themselves in the hands of their deities.

Moreover, portrayal of goddess Kali, who was highly revered by Hindus, appeared like a porno star in the SMITE version shown on the company website, which was quite distressing for the devotees, Zed pointed out.

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