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Congress wins Karnataka, BJP decimated

Cong prepared to take power in Karnataka with an absolute majority, leaving the ruling BJP far behind with less than 40 seats.

Yeddyurappa gets his goal - BJP loses
Yeddyurappa will be celebrating more than the Congress party.
Karnataka elections: Who said what
Very happy with the win, but it was expected, says Sonia Gandhi
We will sit in opposition: JDS
JDS had hoped to play the role of a kingmaker.
Congress leader Kharge open to being CM
Kharge indicates that he is ready to be considered for the CM's post
Unhappy and upset over defeat: BJP
BJP has conceded that Yeddyurappa's exit was a factor in the rout.
Talking Points
Congress in-fighting persists, despite Rahul

The party has to overcome factionalism and select the right candidates if it has to win

Yeddyurappa's party gives Congress nightmares

BJP is now almost out of the race. In its place, KJP has made tremendous inroads

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