Kennedy's wife's bodyguard 'still riddled with guilt' for failing to save president from assassination

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 23, 2012 08:20 hrs

The bodyguard who had been employed to protect Jackie Kennedy on the day John F Kennedy was assassinated, has revealed that he is still haunted by the guilt he suffered because the President was killed on his watch.

Speaking on the 49th anniversary of the shooting, secret service agent Clint Hill feels he "completely failed in my responsibilities" despite being awarded the highest medal for bravery after JFK's death.

The 80-year-old, who was walking alongside the motorcade at the time, recalled how he tried to throw himself between the Kennedys and the shooter as the bullets rained in.

"I wasn't thinking of my own safety. I thought "I have to shield them"," the Daily Mail quoted Hill, as saying.

According to the paper, after the first two shots were fired, Hill could see Mrs Kennedy reaching for a piece of her husband's head as he leapt into their limousine. But he could not reach them in time before a third bullet struck the President.

In his memoir, Mrs Kennedy And Me, Hill said of the final shot, "The impact was like the sound of something hard hitting a melon shattering into cement."

"I completely failed in my responsibilities. The President was killed on my duty," he added.

The heartbreaking scene came just minutes after John F. Kennedy was hit in the neck and head by accused gunman Lee Harvey Oswald while driving through Dallas, Texas in November 22, 1963, the paper said.

Hill, who lives in Virginia, continued to work as Mrs Kennedy's agent for a further year after the assassination before going on to become Lyndon Johnson's special protection agent. Jackie died on May 19, 1994, at the age of 64, the paper added. (ANI)

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