Kenyan village closely follows US polls

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 07, 2012 04:40 hrs

Kogelo (Kenya), Nov 7 (IANS) Results of the US presidential election might be still hours from being known but residents of Kogello, the Kenyan home of US President Barrack Obama's father, are already in celebratory mood.

Although the jubilation is low compared to four years ago when the village was all song and dance as America elected its first African American president, locals are still optimistic of a bigger margin by the man they call their own.

Residents who spoke to Xinhua Tuesday in support of President Barack Obama said their 'son' has no competitor in the race but a matter of formality.

Nicholas Rajula, the proprietor of Kogello Village Resort built in memory of Obama Victory in 2008, said Obama is poised for a second term in office.

'We are merely passing through formality but if the latest opinion polls have to be relied upon then Obama will still be the tenant of the White House,' said the elated Rajula at his resort.

Malick Hussein, Obama's step brother, also hinted at a possible win in favour of his brother.

'I know it must be said that I am bound to support him to the last minute but even if he was not my brother I will still say the same about him, he has to win this election,' said Malick.

Other locals also shared in the victory saying they are certain of a win.

The celebration, apart from using public address system, going round the village calling on people to prepare for celebration, is however low key.

At the home of Sarah Obama, the Kenyan grandmother of president Obama, there was no sign of fanfare with the family, saying they have no plans to celebrate.

'We have no plans to celebrate, at least not now. Maybe we will when the result comes out but it is unafrican to count one's eggs before they are hatched,' said Sarah, tossing pieces of groundnuts in her palms.

In the lakeside city of Kisumu where the eve of the election four years ago was characterized by fanfare and jubilation, keeping vigil, residents too limited themselves to fanfare with whispers over the possible outcome of the polls.

However they remain optimistic that Obama will win albeit with a small margin owing to the tough contest between him and his competitor Mitt Romney.

Other locals said they will only celebrate after the announcement of the result and only when it is in favour of Obama.

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