Kolkatans enjoy Ayurvedic detoxifying ritual

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 08, 2012 15:34 hrs

Kolkata, Aug 8 (IBNS) VLCC, a leading Wellness brand in South Asia and the Middle East, launched 'Kaivalyam', an Ayurvedic detoxifying ritual to revitalize skin from head to toe.

Along with this new offering, VLCC introduced its entire range of Ayurvedic treatments in Kolkata.

Kaivalyam means "Absolute Liberation/Freedom". The therapy gives one a complete sense of freedom from everyday's stresses and trauma through imparting immense physical and mental relaxation.

The treatments start with a foot ritual where client's feet are washed with a mixture of milk and herbs to sanitize them against dirt and impurities.

In the esoteric sense it cleanses the client of his ego and superfluous attitude by balancing the first chakra.

Once the client is free from the jacket of unnecessary ego, his body becomes more receptive to the healing hands of the therapist.

After the foot ritual is done, the client is asked to lie on a massage bed made up of medicinal wood where the healing experience begins.

After the client is comfortable on the bed, Ayurvedic herbal powders mixed in healing oils are massaged into the skin of the client. These herbs promote detoxification by promoting lymphatic drainage, exfoliate the dead skin cells, improve blood circulation to the peripheries, and cleanse the skin of its impurities.

Besides this, the treatment promotes immense physical relaxation by alleviating fatigue, reduce generalized aches and pains and promote sound sleep. The Treatment herbs are hot in potency and stimulate metabolism leading to detoxification.

Once the herbal exfoliation is done, the client is asked to take steam to allow all the toxins to diffuse out of the skin.

After the body is cleaned, the client is applied a tamarind yogurt pack. Tamarind contains Natural AHA s which detans the skin and removes extra pigmentation on the body.

The treatment finishes with cleaning of the pack followed by hot shower.

The duration of the therapy is an hour.

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