Kumble, Boman share their success mantra

Last Updated: Mon, Jun 18, 2012 07:53 hrs

Former Indian cricketer Anil Kumble and Bollywood actor Boman Irani were present over the weekend in the city for motivating students and everyone with their success stories at an education fair here.

At Eduquest 2012, billed as the largest education fair of eastern India at the Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata, Anil Kumble on Saturday shared his story of successful career and how he overcame the hurdles in his life to be in the position he is in now.

Boman Irani was present on Sunday to share his story.

Kumble urged parents to support their children to follow their dreams, citing that he himself was encouraged by his father and mother to play cricket.

He said to the students, "You need to show the evaluator how passionate, committed and hardworking you are towards your goal."

Citing his own experience Kumble said that he was very clinical and analytical as a bowler. He used to study for hours every batsman he had to bowl.

"You must always use whatever skills and knowledge you have, to improvise according to the situation and reach your goal," he said.

"As a student of mechanical engineering, I used my engineering skills to bring variations and create various angles while bowling," he further added.

Kumble commented that the moment someone realise what he is capable of doing and what he is not, he or she gets a step ahead towards his success.

Talking about dealing with hard times, he said that there would be certain times when everyone would face failure and disappointment. "The journey to success is not so easy, it's filled with obstacles, difficulties and humiliation."

"At times of stress you should never give up and believe in yourself. Try again and again till you overcome your barriers."

Kumble said that everyone must take up some hobbies which they are passionate about. "I have a passion for photography, and whenever I am distressed, I take up my camera and start taking pictures. This gives me the enthusiasm to forget my failures and concentrate on how to correct my mistakes."

Inspiring the students he said, "What you do and what you want to do, will determine the future of India."

Kumble also revealed his passion for wildlife and said he is an activist trying to create awareness about wildlife conservation.

On Sunday, actor Boman Irani captivated the audience with his talks.

Boman said as a kid he was nervous, shy and reticent. He was also suffering from dyslexia and a speech problem.

As a kid he was even rejected admission to a reputed school because of his speech problem. But years later he used the same speech problem in a movie and got remarkable response.

Boman said, "Never give up or lose hope when you find that others have talents which you don't. Try to find the hidden talent that you possess and utilise the same to achieve your goal."

"Everyone is bestowed with some unique talents and skills, try to find out that spark in you. Do what you love to do the best with utmost passion and dedication," the actor said.

Citing his life story of how he worked in a wafer shop, and then as a waiter in the Taj Hotel of Mumbai with his mind geared up to become a successful photographer, he inspired the audience to never give up hope and follow their dreams with hard work and dedication.

He also said that no work is low if it's done with honesty and sincerity.

The actor said, "Success does not mean that you have to be rich and famous, even a cobbler doing his work diligently and earning what he deserves is also successful, though your aim must always be high."

Talking to the students he said, "Less marks or percentage does not necessarily mean that you are not successful. A person is evaluated as successful only after what he does in his life. People look forward on his contributions to the society or his family."

"Follow your passion without the thought of results with hard work, dedication, honesty and love and be proud of what you do and what you earn."

(Reporting by Arijeet Bose)

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