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Last Updated: Wed, Feb 06, 2013 18:01 hrs

Looking to learn a new language this year? If Spanish interests you then a UK-based coaching school might be the answer you are looking.

Your Spanish Online, a UK-based company, is providing online Spanish classes via Skype. All the teachers are native Spanish speakers and fully qualified teachers.

Your Spanish Online also offers a range of other services including: Exam coaching, Interview practice, Presentation preparation and Translation services.

Why Spanish is the language to learn?

The director of Spain’s Cervantes Institute recently said that Spanish is already the second-most-used language on Twitter, after English.

He also stressed the importance of Asia (in particular, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, and India) to the growth of Spanish. There are now 25,000 university students studying Spanish in 90 universities, compared with just 1,500 in the year 2000.

Spanish has more than 400 million native speakers, making it the second most spoken native language in the world. It is also the third most used language on the Internet, after English and Chinese, having registered a sustained growth of over 800% percent in the last 10 years!

Spanish is an official language in 25 countries, which means plenty of opportunities for travel! It is spoken across Spain and Latin America, home to some of the most vibrant and fascinating cultures in the world!

Speaking Spanish naturally opens doors in today’s global marketplace; it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, an official language of the EU and Mercosur and a must for tapping into booming Latin American markets.

Last but not least, Spanish is fun, easy to learn and highly rewarding; it is the language of the future!

If the current growth trend continues, 10% of the world population will be able to speak Spanish within three or four generations, and the United States will be the country with the largest Spanish-speaking population.

All these facts make Spanish the language to learn!

Why learn Spanish online?

Education is quickly moving online. More and more people are looking to E-learning as a viable alternative to more traditional methods, particularly in the current economic climate. The advantages are apparent:

Experienced and qualified teachers. Learning online brings the best and most professional teachers to students anywhere in the world.

Save time and money. Learning online from the comfort of one’s home or office eliminates the need to travel to classes, saving both time and money

Bespoke lessons. Learning online puts you in charge. Classes can be one-to-one or in small groups, allowing you to set the pace. Having your very own private tutor means you receive 100% of the teacher’s attention and naturally you will notice an immediate improvement!

Global mix. Live lessons over the Internet allow people from all over the world to take the same class and interact with each other. This multi-cultural interaction adds a unique flavour to the live learning experience.

Why choose Your Spanish Online?

Your Spanish Online is different.

Established in 2012, Your Spanish Online is a UK-based company specialised in providing tailored Spanish classes. Founded by a native Spanish speaker who has lived in the United Kingdom for 10 years, the company has a team of qualified teachers who provide classes in the local area and online to students across the world!

All the teachers at Your Spanish Online are highly qualified. They have taught in schools, taught privately, provided exam coaching and of course taught online! In fact, the founder of Your Spanish Online, Maria Villegas is a native Spanish speaker with many years’ experience teaching in one of England’s best schools.

Maria says: “We set up Your Spanish Online to put the focus back on the student. Whether you want to learn Spanish for fun, business or just for the challenge, Your Spanish Online allows you to take control and tailor the classes to meet your needs. Once you get started, our expert teachers will guide you all the way and help you meet your goals. Learning a language should not be a chore. It should be an enjoyable and effortless process.”

Visit Your Spanish Online at www.yourspanishonline.com

For further information, please contact:

Maria Villegas at info@yourspanishonline.com

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