Live: Six Army soldiers killed in Siachen avalanche, one missing

Last Updated: Sun, Dec 16, 2012 13:30 hrs

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US school shooting: Most victims were 6-7-year-old children, gunman's motives emerging

Twelve girls and eight boys. One had celebrated her seventh birthday just four days before her death. They included Charlotte and Jack, Noah and Grace.

Dressed in "cute kid stuff," all 20 died when a heavily armed 20-year-old gunman forced his way into their school, Sandy Hook Elementary, and shot them and six women in an act of violence that has shattered their once-tranquil suburban town.

"They were first-graders," said Connecticut chief medical examiner Dr H Wayne Carver II, before releasing the names of all the victims of the school shootings on Saturday.

Asked to describe the attack, Carver, who oversaw the autopsies of all the victims and conducted many himself, called it "the worst I have seen."

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Six Army soldiers killed in Siachen avalanche, one missing

Six Indian Army soldiers were killed and one is missing in an avalanche that struck the Siachen Glacier early today.

The tragedy occurred in Sub-sector Hanif of the glacier around 6 am when troops were moving between posts at 19,000 feet. A rescue operation is underway to trace the missing soldier.

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The body of Jacintha Saldanha  has arrived at Mangalore.

The body will be taken to her maternal  home in Mangalore and then kept at a local hospital overnight.

The funeral service and the memorial service will be held on Monday in Shirva.

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Delhi man fires at waiter for being served left-overs

Angered over being served left-over food, a man opened fire at a waiter at an eatery in Connaught Place in central Delhi, early Sunday morning. No one was injured in the incident, police said.

Rajesh, 27, along with his two friends, went to Jain Dhaba around 6.30 a.m., a food joint in the central Delhi comemrcial district of Connaught Place.

According to police, the waiter identified as Monu allegedly served Rajesh left-over food.

"Rajesh refused to eat the food and an argument ensued. He then fired at the waiter, who ran for cover," a police official said.

The waiter immediately called the police and Rajesh was arrested. However, his two friends Vishal and Sahil fled.

"A car and a .32 bore pistol have been recovered from the spot," the police official added.

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West Bengal opposes direct cash transfer

After Odisha and Tripura, West Bengal has opposed the Centre's direct cash transfer to bank accounts of beneficiaries claiming it would lead to breakdown of the existing public distribution system and closure of the Food Corporation of India.

"The basic objective of the public distribution system to arrest hunger among the poor will be defeated if the beneficiaries are provided cash instead of cheap food leading to closure of the Food Corporation of India," Minister for Food and Supplies Jyotipriya Mullick said.

He said that the purpose of setting up the FCI to provide cereals and pulses at subsidised rates to the people, would be defeated since beneficiaries could use the cash for other purposes than food.

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'Skyfall' set to become the first-ever billion dollar Bond movie

'Skyfall' could soon become the first ever James Bond movie to earn 1 billion dollars worldwide.

That too could happen this weekend, with global takings already at 871.2 million dollars.

"It's not a question of if Skyfall becomes the first billion-dollar Bond movie in history, it's when," the Daily Star quoted LA media analyst Mike Raia as saying.

"And that could easily be this weekend, with the movie still at No.1 in Japan and -Australia and in the top five in Brazil, France and Germany," he said.

Daniel Craig will land a 10 million-pound windfall with the film's success.

He will also get a 7 million-pound bonus for hitting the 100 million-pound mark in the UK as part of his contract with film makers Eon Productions and franchise owners MGM.

He will earn another 3 to 4million pounds from Sony if the film breaks the 1 billion-dollar mark. That will boost his Skyfall pay to at least 20 million pounds.

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Singur a great disappointment, says Tata

Singur where Tata Motors set up a factory to manufacture the world's cheapest car but had to quit in the wake of protests over land acquisition a few years ago, Tata said, "it was a great disappointment, because we went to West Bengal, in a leap of faith thinking that that part of the country was being ignored industrially.

"I had a great regard for Buddhadeb Bhattacharya (the then Chief Minister). I thought he was really trying to industrialise West Bengal and I thought the plant we had could have created eventually 7000-8000 jobs."

He said he was enamoured by what they would do. It was not just another factory, it was not not just another plant.

"It was a new product that had never been done in India and we are taking to a place that has been ignored industrially for a long period of time. So I felt very good."

Tata said when the protests took place he was a little confused and confounded initially, whether it was a real problem or not. It just escalated and escalated and he figured this was not the place where they could be.

"So it was a great disappointment for me on all those grounds and I think Buddhadeb would have liked me to have stayed there and offered the plant protection.

"But you can't run a plant on police protection. There has to be a police protection. There has to be a removal of the hostilities one way or another. So it was a disappointment for me," he said.

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ISRO team to visit Leh for solving mystery of flying objects

A team of scientists from Indian Space Research Organisation will soon arrive in Leh to further corroborate that the mysterious luminous objects seen on the horizon over a lake in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir are actually "Chinese lanterns".

Official sources said today that after getting the preliminary report that the luminous objects flying over the horizon of Pangong lake, located 160 km from Leh township, could be Chinese lanterns, the security agencies wanted an assessment of experts from another organisation for confirmation.

Therefore, it was decided to request ISRO to send a team of scientists to examine the flying objects and give its report, the sources said.

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Nepal farmers destroy chicken imported from India by KFC

Poultry farmers in Nepal have stopped trucks importing chicken from India for KFC restaurants and destroyed the cargo.

Nepal has banned chicken from India since bird flu broke out in India four years ago.

Chief government administrator of Dhading district Bed Prasad Kharel says farmers stopped and seized two trucks bringing the frozen chicken to Nepal's capital, Katmandu, on Saturday. A brief scuffle broke out between police and the farmers.

Police say authorities took control of the trucks, but that after consultation with livestock officials the cargo was dumped in a pit and covered.

KFC, the only Western fast-food restaurant in Nepal, says it imports its chicken from Brazil. Kharel says the tags on the cargo showed it came from India.

KFC officials in Nepal would not immediately comment Sunday.

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Avalanche warning in Kashmir Valley

Authorities Sunday issued an avalanche warning for the higher reaches of the Kashmir Valley, advising them to move about with utmost caution.

Aamir Ali, head of disaster management in the valley, said: "Medium danger avalanche warning is issued for people living in Keran, Tangdhar, Machil, Chowkibal, Gurez, Bannihal, Uri and Gulmarg areas.

"People are advised to take precaution and not to venture about in avalanche-prone areas."

There has been heavy snowfall in rhw higher reaches in the past three days. The weather office has forecast "fair weather" in the Kashmir Valley from Monday.

After remaining closed for two days, the busy Jammu-Srinagar highway was reopened for traffic Sunday.

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Khurshid writes to Clinton, condemns school killings

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has written to his US counterpart Hillary Clinton, condemning the killings at an elementary school in Connecticut and expressed solidarity with American people, who are trying to come to terms with the "act of complete senselessness".

"I was deeply saddened to learn the terrible news of the shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut...The killing of children is a particularly abhorrent act; one which leaves the whole world diminished," he said in the letter.

26 people including 20 children were killed when a gunman opened fire at an elementary school in Connecticut on Friday. The gunman had also killed his mother at her apartment before going on the shooting spree at the school, from where his body was found later.

"As you and the American people try to come to terms with this act of complete senselessness, and to address the trauma caused by it, I want you to know that the Government and people of India share your grief and prayers for consolation.

"Please accept my personal sympathy and solidarity, and that of the people of India for the friendly people of the United States", Khurshid said.

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Kate blames herself for hoax call nurse's suicide

The Duchess of Cambridge is devastated and blames herself for the death of hoax call nurse Jacintha Saldanha, according to royal aides.

Kate believes that if she had not been in the unit the 46-year-old might still be alive, the Daily Star reported.

Her worried husband, Prince William, is even considering quitting his RAF job early to be with her in London.

Along with family and friends, he has tried to reassure Kate the tragedy is not her fault.

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Man fires some 50 shots at California mall parking lot

A man was arrested Saturday after firing about 50 shots in the parking lot of a Southern California shopping mall, prompting a lockdown of stores crowded with holiday shoppers.

Marcos Gurrola, 42, of Garden Grove was taken into custody by bicycle police officers patrolling around the open-air Fashion Island mall around 4:30 p.m., police spokeswoman Cathy Lowe said. She said he fired into the air and onto the ground in the parking lot near a Macy's department store.

No one was injured, but the gunfire caused panic, coming a day after a gunman killed 26 children and adults at a Connecticut elementary school, and days after a deadly mall shooting in Oregon.

The mall was crowded with holiday shoppers and the parking lot was full. Witnesses said they ran, screaming and ducking for cover.

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US school gunman broke in, shot kids multiple times

The tragedy brought forth soul-searching and grief around the globe. President Barack Obama planned to visit Newtown on Sunday. Families as far away as Puerto Rico planned funerals for victims who still had their baby teeth, world leaders extended condolences, and vigils were held around the U.S.

"Next week is going to be horrible," said the town's legislative council chairman, Jeff Capeci, thinking about the string of funerals the town will face. "Horrible, and the week leading into Christmas."

Police shed no light on what triggered Adam Lanza, 20, to carry out the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, though state police Lt. Paul Vance said investigators had found "very good evidence ... that our investigators will be able to use in painting the complete picture, the how and, more importantly, the why." He would not elaborate.

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Obama will visit Newtown today

President Barack Obama will attend an interfaith memorial service Sunday in Newtown, Conn., the site of Friday's deadly elementary school shooting.

Twenty-six people, including 20 children, were killed when a man opened fire inside the school.

Hours after the shooting, a tearful Obama said he grieved first as a father. In those remarks and later in his Saturday radio address, Obama called for "meaningful action" to prevent such shootings, but did not say what it should be.

Obama's visit to Newtown for an interfaith vigil would be the fourth time he has traveled to a city after a mass shooting.

The president had planned to travel to Maine Wednesday for an event promoting his positions in "fiscal cliff" negotiations, but the White House canceled that trip because of the shooting.

8.35 am:

US shooter's relatives express 'heartfelt sorrow'

Relatives of a Connecticut woman fatally shot by her son before he killed 26 people at a school then killed himself say in a statement that they share the grief of the Newtown community and the nation.

A sheriff in New Hampshire, where Nancy Lanza once lived, read the statement Saturday, saying the family is trying to understand "the tremendous loss." Rockingham County Sheriff Michael Downing said Lanza's brother James Champion, a retired police captain in Kingston, N.H., and other relatives express their "heartfelt sorrow" and "the whole family is traumatized by this event."

Champion would not discuss what might have triggered his nephew to go on the shooting spree.

Nancy Lanza's family described her as kind, loving and considerate. She was once a stockbroker for John Hancock in Boston.

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Hillary Clinton faints, has concussion

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has fainted, sustaining a concussion, a media report said Saturday.

Clinton was dehydrated because of a virus, causing her to faint. She is now at home recovering and is being monitored, Xinhua quoted Fox News as saying.

Clinton has cancelled her scheduled trip to North Africa and the Middle East due to a stomach virus earlier in the week.

She was originally planned to attend a meeting of the Friends of the Syrian People this week in Morocco.

Clinton, 65, has said she does not intend to continue serving as secretary of state in President Barack Obama's second term.

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Last night offered the best display in New Zealand skies of the meteor shower currently raining down on the planet, but it will still be around tonight and tomorrow.

It is the Geminid shower, which the earth passes through annually.

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