Live updates: Air crash in Mangalore

Last Updated: Sun, May 23, 2010 12:55 hrs

Air India flight IX-892, carrying more than 160 people, crashed off Bajpe airport near Mangalore. Catch our updates on the story

List of passengers: Mangalore air crash: Complete list of passengers

Helplines: Delhi: 011-2565-6196 and 011-2560-3101, Mangalore: 0824-2220422, 0824-2010167, Mumbai: 022-22796161, Dubai: 00971-4-2165828, 00971-4-2165829

EXCLUSIVE: "The plane broke into two": A survivor's story


6:10 pm: 12 bodies are yet to be identified, says Air India CMD Arvind Jadhav

5:42 pm: We must wait for an authority to pronounce the verdict: Jadhav

5:41 pm: Speculation is damaging the perception of the Air India brand: Jadhav

5:41 pm: The compensation of $160,000 has several conditions attached to it which need to be sorted out: Jadhav

5:40 pm: We are going through a tragedy and will recoup in a week's time: Jadhav

5:39 pm: Only 10-12 percent of our operations have been affected: Jadhav

5:38 pm: The cause of the crash will only be known when we decode and decipher the cockpit voice recorder: Jadhav

5:36 pm: We are waiting for the air safety reports to find the cause of the crash: Jadhav

5:31 pm: We have requested a Boeing executive to be with us, and Boeing has in turn called the Federal Aviation Authority: Jadhav

5:30 pm: The plane was airworthy: Jadhav

5:23 pm: The last information I have is that the black box has not yet been found: Jadhav

5:23 pm: We have to review everything and make sure it doesn't happen tomorrow: Jadhav

5:22 pm: It was not pilot error: Jadhav

5:21 pm: We have been given a timeframe to relieve expat pilots of their duties: Jadhav

5:20 pm: A pilot needs 2000 hours of flying experience on an aircraft to command it: Jadhav

5:19 pm: Expat pilots are brought in for a reason, it takes time to get used to a new aircraft: Jadhav

5:18 pm: The co-pilot was not inexperienced, he would have been eligible for commandership in a month: Jadhav

5:15 pm: The pilot of the aircraft had had three days of rest, we have the documents to prove it: Jadhav

5:12 pm: The final compensation figure will be arrived at later; Rs. 10 lakh is only the interim compensation: Jadhav

5:10 pm: Because of legal complications, it might take some time to hand over the bodies: Jadhav

5:09 pm: We have been urging the local administration to hand over bodies as soon as possible: Jadhav

5:09 pm: We have sought assistance from an international agency to counsel the relatives of the deceased: Jadhav

5:07 pm: An aircraft has been kept on standby to travel between Mangalore, Cochin and Kozhikode for the use of relatives: Jadhav

5:06 pm: State administration and local disaster management group helped immediately: Jadhav

5:05 pm: We were overwhelmed by the villagers who came to our rescue, we express our gratitude to them: Jadhav

5:04 pm: If there is a dispute, the local district administration will be involved: Jadhav

5:03 pm: Insurance worth Rs. 2 lakh will be given to those who are injured: Jadhav

5:03 pm: We are in talks with our insurance company, and there will be Rs. 10 lakh interim compensation for every adult above 12 and Rs. 5 lakh for those below: Jadhav

5:02 pm: 128 bodies identified and handed over, 18 bodies identified and yet to be handed over, 12 not identified: Jadhav

5:02 pm: Arvind Jadhav, CMD, Air India, addresses media

3:01 pm: Logistical issues including fumes hamper operations

3:01 pm: Search operations for the black box called off

1:59 pm: Cockpit voice recorder of the black box found

1:41 pm: AI spokesperson confirms all bodies have been recovered, 87 handed over to relatives

1:29 pm: Black box yet to be recovered

1:10 pm: Throttle recovered, found to be in 'forward position'

12:20 am: Several claims made on a single body as relatives struggle to identify the victims

11:10 am: 26 bodies yet to be identified, DNA experts to analyse hair samples

10:40 am: 87 victims' bodies identified

9:40 am: DGCA sources speculate on reasons for the crash

9:00 am: Forensic team arrives at crash site


8:05 pm: Praful Patel owns moral responsibility for air crash

7:35 pm: Operation at crash site suspended due to poor light

7:16 pm: Air India says crashed plane was barely 30 months old

7:15 pm: Pilots were highly experienced, says Air India

6:55 pm: DGCA probe ordered into Mangalore air crash

6:35 pm: US condoles Mangalore air crash deaths

6:15 pm: Praful Patel to brief PM on crash

6:10 pm:  Hunt on for the black box

5:40 pm: Officials say black box has not been found yet

5:06 pm: 146 bodies recovered, including body of commander and 2 female crew members: Nambiar

5:05 pm: Court of inquiry to be appointed shortly: Nambiar

5:03 pm: M Nambiar, Civil Aviation Secretary, addresses press

4:03 pm: No information about the black box yet: Praful Patel

4:02 pm: The runway was 8000 feet with a buffer zone of 90 metres: Praful Patel

3:53 pm: The rescued will be treated and given adequate compensation: Praful Patel

3:53 pm: Families of the deceased will be paid up to $160,000 as compensation: Praful Patel

3:52 pm: More than 100 bodies have been found, all badly charred: Praful Patel

3:50 pm: The pilot was familiar with the terrain, having operated 19 flights from there: Praful Patel

3:49 pm: The pilot was very seasoned, had 10,200 hours of flying experience including over 7000 on a Boeing: Praful Patel

3:49 pm: Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel addresses media

3:35 pm: Black box recovered from the plane

3:18 pm: Rain hampers rescue operations

3:10 pm: Prime Minister expected to visit crash site

2:37 pm: There were 19 children on board the plane: AI

2:37 pm: Passengers were all Indian: AI

1:39 pm: Mangalore airport to be opened again for commercial flights

12:58 pm: New runway had been closed for repairs, and old one had to be used

12:52 pm: Dentists called in to help identify passengers by checking teeth

12:50 pm: Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel does a survey of the site of the crash, gets a full briefing from officials

12:38 pm: Local MP Sadanand Gowda says Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel has been at the site for half an hour

12:34 pm: Pilot had more than 10,000 hours of flying experience: AI

12:20 pm: External Affairs Minister S M Krishna leaves for Mangalore in a chartered flight.

12:19 pm: ATR flights to be allowed to land at Mangalore airport

12:19 pm: First commercial aircraft leaving Bangalore airport in an hour's time to land in Mangalore

12:18 pm: I appeal to the people of Mangalore to stay away from the site: Yeddyurappa

12:18 pm: District administration and senior police officials have reached the spot: Yeddyurappa

12:16 pm: Yeddyurappa leaves by road for Mangalore after chopper makes emergency landing at Hassan

12:16 pm: There were four infants on board: AI

12:14 pm: We have reports that say it had begun raining when the flight landed: AI

12:13 pm: The pilot Captain Glusica was a British national of Serbian origin and co-pilot Captain H.S. Ahluwalia was a Mangalore-based Indian: AI

12:09 pm: 30 more rescue team members will be sent to Mangalore: AI

12:08 pm: We confirm IC-179 carrying 35 rescue team members has left Mumbai: AI

12:07 pm: Air India holds second briefing on air crash

12:07 pm: Helicopter carrying K'taka CM Yeddyurappa and Home Minister Acharya makes emergency landing

12:06 pm: Rescue operations still on: Agarwal

12:05 pm: Air India to hold next update bulleting on crash shortly

11:58 am: 160 passengers and 6 crew members on board: AI

11:42 am: Pilot was a Serbian named F. Glusica, and co-pilot an Indian named H.S. Ahluwalia

11:36 am: Experts say the lack of space combined with pilot error could have caused crash

11:34 am: Survivor who works in the mechanical sector says tyre burst or pilot overbraking could have caused crash

11:31 am: MLA feared killed in plane crash

11:31 am: Passenger in seat 19C, near the wing, says the tyre burst

11:30 am: I saw the 2 passengers next to me disappear, many couldn't get their seatbelts off and were charred: survivor

11:29 am: Plane landed and then a tyre burst, causing the plane spin out of control: survivor

11:22 am: Medical teams, CRPF, traffic and civil police, coast guard and fire services at site: police

11:21 am: Aviation Minister Praful Patel at the site: Agarwal

11:20 am: Smaller runway had to be used for the landing: VP Agarwal, Direcor, AAI

11:12 am: Flight was definitely airworthy: AI

11:11 am: 8 people have been rescued according to the information we have: AI

11:10 am: Mangalore airport closed, flight IC-179 will go to Calicut and by road to Mangalore: AI

11:09 am: Flight IC-179 is just departing from Mumbai, accommodating rescue teams and family members: AI

11:09 am: Air India is confirming the casualties and contacting relatives: AI

11:08 am: The plane overshot the runway after reaching Mangalore Airport

11:08 am: The craft was involved in an accident at 0630 hrs at Mangalore: AI

11:08 am: Air India deeply regrets to announce that one of the craft has crashed: AI

11:07 am: Anup Srivastava, Director of Air India, addresses media

11:01 am: Small flights being allowed to land at the Mangalore airport

11:00 am: AI to hold press conference shortly

11:00 am: Bodies of the victims charred beyond recognition

11:00 am: Four children among the survivors

10:59 am: 166 passengers in all, including 6 crew members: AI

10:55 am: Ambulance could not reach, I was taken to hospital by bike: survivor

10:55 am: Farooq out of danger, has 10 percent burns: doctor

10: 53 am: Names of survivors: Krishna, Pradip, Mohammad, Umer Farooq, Sabrina, Joel D'Souza

10: 52 am: Reports of 7 survivors

10:50 am: The rescue vehicles took a while getting to the scene: survivor

10:49 am: I saw a crack in the fuselage and escaped, many were still stuck: survivor

10:48 am: The plane crashed with a huge sound and then there was smoke in the cabin: survivor

10:48 am: There was a sound after the landing, then the plane appeared to lose control and soon we were heading into the trees: survivor

10:46 am: Survivors speak in Hindi, Kannada

10:45 am: I heard the tyres bursting, I knew the flight had lost control and there was smoke and fire: survivor

10:43 am: One of the survivors injured in knees, minor fracture of the spine: doctor from Kasturbha Medical College Hospital

10:42 am: Two patients were brought dead to Kasturbha Medical College Hospital

10:40 am: Plane seemed to have hit something, and then 4-5 of us managed to get out: survivor

10:37 am: There was a loud noise before the crash: survivor

10:36 am: There are only six survivors: Sadanand Gowda

10:32 am: A child aged 2-3 years said to have survived crash

10:29 am: Left wing crashed into a radar pole, air craft spun out of control: Gowda

10:26 am: 6 people admitted to hospital, 162 confirmed dead: Sadananda Gowda, BJP MP

10:26 am: No rain at the time of landing: survivor

10:25 am: My hands and legs are badly burned: survivor

10:25 am: Survivor speaks to media

10:24 am: More than 160 dead in plane crash: police

10:22 am: Kerala Health Minister P K Sreemathi leaves for accident site amid fears most victims could be North Kerala residents

10:20 am: Rs 2 lakh each for victims' families, Rs 50,000 each to those injured from Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.

10:20 am: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condoles deaths, announces financial assistance

10:17 am: All landing systems were correct, but wind could have hit localiser antenna causing miscalculation: AI sources

10:16 am: Blackbox not yet retrieved

10:15 am: Runway was 2460 mts long, visibility was 6 km, wind was calm at time of landing: AI sources

10:14 am: Poor visibility may have caused crash: DGCA sources

10:12 am: Mangalore Airport Manager says cause of crash is unknown

10:11 am: Aircraft missed threshold point of runway, pilot lost control while trying to pull flight up: DGCA sources

10:10 am: Aircraft did not touch down at Mangalore airport: DGCA sources

10:07 am: We are deploying all resources to help passengers and their families: AI statement

10:06 am: Airport official says operations almost complete

10:06 am: Plane overshot runway by 2000 feet

10:05 am: Pilot error being suspected

10:02 am: Air India expresses regret at accident of Flight IX-892 to Mangalore: AI statement

10:01 am: Local resident says crash occurred at 5:59 am

9:59 am: Coast guard, police and fire service personnel at the site

9:58 am: Area around plane crash not cordoned off, rescue operations still on

9:57 am: Eyewitness says crash took place between 6:35 and 6:45 am.

9:57 am: Aviation Minister Praful Patel expected to arrive at the site shortly

9:54 am: Air India issues statement

9:53 am: Karnataka Home Minister VS Acharya confirms 6 people have been rescued, all cricitally injured

9:53 am: Mangalore control room sources: Pilot didn't signal emergency

9:52 am: At least 60 bodies pulled out of wreckage

9:52 am: Inclement weather could have caused problems

9:51 am: Runway commissioned in 2006, deep gorges on both sides

9:47 am: Names of survivors - Joel Pratap D'Souza, Umer Farooq, Sabrina

9:46 am: Russian expat was the pilot, Indian co-pilot

9:43 am: No VIP clearance had been given

9:42 am: People asked to stay away from the crash site

9:41 am: Too early to estimate casualties: Moily 

9:36 am: 6 people admitted in hospital

9:35 am: Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa addresses public, leaves for Mangalore

9:30 am: Mangalore deputy police commissioner R. Ramesh says survivors are unlikely

9:17 am: DGCA Nasim Zaidi rushes to Mangalore

9:11 am: At least 35 bodies pulled out of wreckage

9:10 am: PM cancels UPA dinner scheduled for tonight

9:05 am: Union Law Minister Veerappa Moily rushes to Mangalore

8:51 am: Accident occurred around 6:30 am

8:51 am: No SOS call from pilot

8:50 am: Last contact established at 6:00 am

8:10 am: 8-10 people believed to have survived

7:15 am: 173 people were on board

7:00 am: Rescue operations begin

6:45 am: Air India flight IX-892, operated by a Boeing 737-800, crashes

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