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Live: Uttar Pradesh Elections Results 2012

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Wed, Mar 07, 2012 06:32 hrs

Party Position in Uttar Pradesh. Scroll down for our live updates on the 2012 Assembly election results.

All the latest news, trends, internet buzz and comments from the UP Assembly election results

Uttar Pradesh Elections Results 2012 (03/05/2012)


Sify Editors:
Tej Narayan Pandey alias Pawan pandey of the Samajwadi Party has won the Ayodhya seat
Tuesday March 6, 20125:14Sify Editors

[Comment From sudhanshusudhanshu:]
who won from ayodhya seat...???
Tuesday March 6, 20125:14sudhanshu

Sify Editors:
Mo. Jasmir Ansari of the Bahujan Samaj Party has won in Laharpur
Tuesday March 6, 20125:04Sify Editors

[Comment From amitamit:]
who won from laharpur?
Tuesday March 6, 20125:04amit

Sify Editors:
Mohd Rehan of the Samajwadi Party is leading in Lucknow West. Counting still ongoing
Tuesday March 6, 20125:02Sify Editors

[Comment From GuestGuest:]
who won from lucknow west
Tuesday March 6, 20125:02Guest

Sify Editors:
Ramhet Bharti of the Bahujan Samaj Party has won in hargaon
Tuesday March 6, 20125:00Sify Editors

[Comment From amitamit:]
who won from hargaon??
Tuesday March 6, 20125:00amit

Sify Editors:
Manish Asiza of the Bharatiya Janata Party leads, the counting is still ongoing
Tuesday March 6, 20124:57Sify Editors

[Comment From vishnuvishnu:]
pls send the latest news of firozabad. who won from firozabad(U.P)?
Tuesday March 6, 20124:57vishnu

Sify Editors:
Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Peace Party, wins at RaeBareli with a margin of 27k votes

Tuesday March 6, 20124:41Sify Editors

[Comment From amitamit:]
who leads raebareli???
Tuesday March 6, 20124:41amit

[Comment From prantojyotiprantojyoti:]
some bad comments and campaining and slogans for religious issues and job quotas leads congress fail in up
Tuesday March 6, 20124:31prantojyoti

Sify Editors:
Akhilesh Yadav -

"I have never wanted to be compared to anyone but you media have compared us. I would only like to say that in politics there is always a winner and a loser. Others have lost today, we had also lost once (in 2007).

However I believe that we are all working for the good of the country and the state. "
Tuesday March 6, 20124:28Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
The Samajwadi party, lead by Akhilesh Yadav, is making a formal statement -

I would like to thank the entire people of Uttar Pradesh for the giving the SP the mandate. People have accepted our manifesto and we are grateful for it.

The SP has received votes across religious and caste lines and I would like to thanks all members of all communities and castes.

We will make the definitely form the government and completely implement the manifesto we launched during the elections.

I would also like to thank the media and press for their generous help and coverage during campaign.

The entire party, all workers, wish that Netaji becomes the Chief Minister. However we will officially declare the candidate after a party meeting tomorrow.

Tuesday March 6, 20124:25Sify Editors

[Comment From Lad KahnLad Kahn:]
UP goes to the bogs again... the sheep have elected the wolf instead of the shearer this time.. congratulations UP . Buy insurance
Tuesday March 6, 20124:05Lad Kahn

[Comment From Sundar MajumdarSundar Majumdar:]
Hope the new chief minister will eradicate the Gundaraj from UP.And the UP should be flourished with real development eliminating castism and poverty.Every village should have drinking water,good food, and roads with electricity.
Tuesday March 6, 20124:04Sundar Majumdar

Sify Editors:
Priyanka Gandhi was seen hovering around her brother. It is curious to know whether she will step into active politics now.

When the campaign began she said she was here to support her brother. Well he certainly needs that support now.
Tuesday March 6, 20124:02Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Responsibility for UP is mine - Rahul Gandhi

This is a bold and frank acknowledgement of the failures of the Congress in UP. Rahul also said that there grassroots organizations were weak and that was also a reason for the defeat ,
Tuesday March 6, 20123:58Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Rahul first reactions -

we have not done well in all of UP. I view my work as trying to improve this country and I will continue to work that way. I will have victories and defeats and this will make me think a bit.
Tuesday March 6, 20123:52Sify Editors

[Comment From PavanPavan:]
Rahul gandhi is good and just he should taking responsbility like minister he will get successive results in this perticular election.
Tuesday March 6, 20123:41Pavan

Sify Editors:
Arnab Goswami just accused Mayawati of being haughty, not letting any one speak, forcing her opinion through and treating those before her with contempt.

I leave history to judge the irony in that statement
Tuesday March 6, 20123:41Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Mayawati is expected to resign with half an hour.
Tuesday March 6, 20123:36Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Gadkari says that the fact that the congress lost RaeBareli proves that it is time that the Congress acknowledge the "red flag" before them
Tuesday March 6, 20123:32Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Gadkari is giving the official BJP media interview. He congratulates the victors, admits the BJP has lost more than expected seats and concedes defeat as graciously as he can.

He also said that he is sure that there were various reasons why the BJP had lost but said it was not due to corruption scandals that had racked the BJP as of late.

He also denied that Narendra Modi's absence effected the results in anyway.

He said that the performance was good in three other states and in UP the votes got polarized between two parties and hence the result was expected.
Tuesday March 6, 20123:27Sify Editors

[Comment From Santosh TripathiSantosh Tripathi:]
I think, Mr. Mulayam Singh will become CM. Its good for party and future central election.
Tuesday March 6, 20122:57Santosh Tripathi

Sify Editors:
The Samajwadi party takes complete majority in Uttar Pradesh. Its official!

The Congress has dropped to 37 including allies, just 27 individually. The BSP currently stands at 88 and the BJP and its all stand at 49.
Tuesday March 6, 20122:53Sify Editors

[Comment From sureshsuresh:]
it's time to akilesh yadav to make cm of up and complete the expectation of people.
Tuesday March 6, 20122:50suresh

Sify Editors:
Here is a shocker - the Congress has just lost all five RaeBareli seats!

Far from the magic of Rahul, things just seem to have gotten worse
Tuesday March 6, 20122:49Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Mayawati to resign as UP chief minister.

Well that was expected and inevitable.
Tuesday March 6, 20122:16Sify Editors

[Comment From vikashvikash:]
It's high time, Congress do some brain strorming and realise that depending on clan has done them more harm then good.
Tuesday March 6, 20122:15vikash

Sify Editors:
for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, a party need 202 seats to get an absolute majority
Tuesday March 6, 20122:12Sify Editors

[Comment From salarsalar:]
how much seat required for absolute majority
Tuesday March 6, 20122:12salar

Sify Editors:
Jasmir Ansari of the Bahujan Samaj Party leads by over 16400 votes
Tuesday March 6, 20122:11Sify Editors

[Comment From aftabaftab:]
wht abt leharpur winner
Tuesday March 6, 20122:11aftab

Sify Editors:
Abdul Mashhood Khan of SP leading by 9273 seats
Tuesday March 6, 20122:10Sify Editors

[Comment From mustafamustafa:]
who is win tulsipur seat
Tuesday March 6, 20122:10mustafa

Sify Editors:
Durga Prasad Yadav of SP leads by 14737 votes
Tuesday March 6, 20122:07Sify Editors

[Comment From santoshsantosh:]
Who is leading at Azamgarh(Atraulia)seat
Tuesday March 6, 20122:07santosh

Sify Editors:
Kunwar Mahabir Singh of the SP leads by 6096 votes
Tuesday March 6, 20122:05Sify Editors

[Comment From zafarzafar:]
pls tell me the status of sandila seat ?
Tuesday March 6, 20122:05zafar
RT @NotThatMP: Congress: SADdened in Punjab; SPurned in UP; and BJPee’d on elsewhere! @sidin #elections2012 [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20122:05vazsingh
@surnell Yes Sir. Just checked Amethi result here. http://t.co/l2aot7T4 #Elections2012 #AE2012 #UP2012 Clown prince amuses no one anymore. [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20122:05KPGanesh

Sify Editors:
Sunil Kumar Wadhwa Bahujan Samaj Party leads over Satya Prakash Agarwal of the Bharatiya Janata Party by 7696
Tuesday March 6, 20122:03Sify Editors

[Comment From Pankaj JainPankaj Jain:]
What about Meerut Cantt (UP) seat
Tuesday March 6, 20122:03Pankaj Jain

Sify Editors:
Salman Khurshid speaks (actually he lashes out the media with cold and curt answers) -

"The results are disappointing . The vote has been split four days. I will speak to the people of my constituency and will figure out what the issue is. That is between me and them and needs no interference."

Khurshid seems very defensive and angry at the media. They are certainly asking him some hard questions, especially about Rahul Gandhi -

"Gandhi lead from the front and though we did not win the expected number of seats in UP, Rahul has made a huge difference in UP"
Tuesday March 6, 20122:01Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Although nothing is going to stop the SP cadres who have assembled outside the HQ and are bursting crackers, blowing horns and generally partying.

They have plenty of reason to celebrate as this has been the best result for the Samajwadi Party ever since it's inception in 1993
Tuesday March 6, 20121:56Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Leading Candidate Sher Bahadur (SP)
Tuesday March 6, 20121:55Sify Editors

[Comment From Sanjay TripathiSanjay Tripathi:]
Who is leading at Jalalpur seat
Tuesday March 6, 20121:55Sanjay Tripathi

Sify Editors:
This is the dull part of the elections. Now we almost know for sure what is happening and the only thing left is the dull waiting of the final results.

But it has been a reasonably predictable elections this time. Although the Exit Polls got most things wrong what they did get right was the clean sweep of the Samajwadi Party.

Tuesday March 6, 20121:54Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Leading Candidate Suresh Bansal (BSP)
Tuesday March 6, 20121:52Sify Editors

[Comment From sh sharmash sharma:]
who is leading in ghaziabad
Tuesday March 6, 20121:51sh sharma

Sify Editors:
Pradeep Mathurindian of the National Congress is trailing Devendra Kumar Sharma of the bharatiya Janata Party by 700 votes
Tuesday March 6, 20121:46Sify Editors

[Comment From GuestGuest:]
How is Pradeep Mathur doing from Mathura?
Tuesday March 6, 20121:46Guest

Sify Editors:
Bramhashankar Tripathi Of The Samajwadi Party By Over 23000 Votes
Tuesday March 6, 20121:45Sify Editors

[Comment From gul bashargul bashar:]
who is leading from kushinagar
Tuesday March 6, 20121:44gul bashar

Sify Editors:
Gorakhpur Rural: Vijay Bahadur Yadav of the Bharatiya Janata Party leads
Gorakhpur Urban: Dr. Radha Mohan Das Agarwal of the Bharatiya Janata Party
Tuesday March 6, 20121:43Sify Editors

[Comment From JavedJaved:]
Who is leading in gorakhpur
Tuesday March 6, 20121:42Javed

Sify Editors:
Sibgatulla Ansari of the Quami Ekta Dal leads
Tuesday March 6, 20121:39Sify Editors

[Comment From omprakashomprakash:]
who is leading in mohmmdabad of ghazipur
Tuesday March 6, 20121:39omprakash

Sify Editors:
Satish Mahana of the Bharatiya Janata Party leads
Tuesday March 6, 20121:37Sify Editors

[Comment From VIKASVIKAS:]
Tuesday March 6, 20121:37VIKAS

Sify Editors:
Swami Prasad Maurya of the Bahujan Samaj Party leads
Tuesday March 6, 20121:35Sify Editors

[Comment From gul bashargul bashar:]
who is leading from padrauna
Tuesday March 6, 20121:35gul bashar

Sify Editors:
Budhana - Rajpal Singh Baliyan of the Rashtriya Lok Dal leads by over 2600 votes
Tuesday March 6, 20121:33Sify Editors

[Comment From Dr RKSDr RKS:]
kindly let me know who lead at budaun seat....
Tuesday March 6, 20121:33Dr RKS

Sify Editors:
Arvind Singh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party leads by over 7200 votes
Tuesday March 6, 20121:32Sify Editors

[Comment From priyankpriyank:]
Who is leading in chhibramau by how many votes
Tuesday March 6, 20121:32priyank

Sify Editors:
Samajwadi Party has repeatedly announced that Netaji, Mulayam Singh, will be the CM. But you never know, Akhilesh is also in the wings.

However mostly it will be Mulayam Singh, despite his ill health.
Tuesday March 6, 20121:31Sify Editors

[Comment From Kunvar SinghKunvar Singh:]
Who is The Newest C.M. Of U.P.?
Tuesday March 6, 20121:30Kunvar Singh

Sify Editors:
Moradabad Nagar - Mohammad Yousuf Ansari of the Samajwadi Party leads
Tuesday March 6, 20121:30Sify Editors

[Comment From GuestGuest:]
who is leading in Moradabad ?
Tuesday March 6, 20121:30Guest

Sify Editors:
Kunvar Bharatendra of the Bharatiya Janata Party leads
Tuesday March 6, 20121:29Sify Editors

[Comment From RiyazRiyaz:]
who is leading in bijnor seat
Tuesday March 6, 20121:29Riyaz

Sify Editors:
Mulayam Singh Yadav gives an interview for Times Now.

He sounds extremely sick and answer questions vaguely in hoarse voice, interrupted by fits of coughing.

Perhaps it is time to hand over the reins to younger hands...

When asked who would be the CM in UP, he almost coyly replied that the party committee would select that
Tuesday March 6, 20121:23Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Manoj Kumar Pandey of the Samajwadi Party leads by over 2300 votes
Tuesday March 6, 20121:22Sify Editors

[Comment From Sushil TiwariSushil Tiwari:]
who is leading from Unchahar
Tuesday March 6, 20121:21Sushil Tiwari

Sify Editors:
Saiyada Khatun of the Bahujan Samaj Party leads by over 1200 votes
Tuesday March 6, 20121:21Sify Editors

[Comment From M MalikM Malik:]
Who is leading in Dumariyaganj seat
Tuesday March 6, 20121:21M Malik

Sify Editors:
Tasleem of the Bahujan Samaj Party leads by over 7000 votes
Tuesday March 6, 20121:19Sify Editors

[Comment From amaramar:]
who is leading in Najibabad and by how many votes
Tuesday March 6, 20121:19amar

Sify Editors:
Vijay Kumar of the Samajwadi Party leads by 14k votes
Tuesday March 6, 20121:17Sify Editors

[Comment From rajeshrajesh:]
who is leading at the gyanpur (bhadoi) seat... does anybody has any clue....
Tuesday March 6, 20121:17rajesh

Sify Editors:
Candidate Tejpal Singh of the Rashtriya Lok Dal leads
Tuesday March 6, 20121:16Sify Editors

[Comment From vishvendervishvender:]
who is leading in chhata
Tuesday March 6, 20121:16vishvender

Sify Editors:
Vijma Yadava of the Samajwadi Party leads
Tuesday March 6, 20121:15Sify Editors

[Comment From S.K.PandeyS.K.Pandey:]
Who is leading from Pratap Pur Allahabad, Please inform.
Tuesday March 6, 20121:15S.K.Pandey

Sify Editors:
Candidate Lokendra Singh of the Bharatiya Janta Party leads
Tuesday March 6, 20121:12Sify Editors

[Comment From harisharis:]
who is leading from nurpur bijnor
Tuesday March 6, 20121:12haris

Sify Editors:
Candidate Dharamraj of the Samajwadi Party leads
Tuesday March 6, 20121:11Sify Editors

[Comment From GuestGuest:]
who is lead barabanki
Tuesday March 6, 20121:11Guest

Sify Editors:
Varanasi Cantt.:Jyotsna Srivastava of the Bharatiya Janata Party leads

Varanasi North: Ravindra Jaiswal of the Bharatiya Janata Party leads

Varanasi South: Shyamdev Roy Chaudhari of the Bharatiya Janata Party leads
Tuesday March 6, 20121:01Sify Editors

[Comment From GuestGuest:]
who leads varanasi ?
Tuesday March 6, 20121:01Guest

Sify Editors:
Allahabad North : Anugrah Narayan Singh of the Indian National Congress leads

Allahabad South: Haji Parvej Ahmad of the Samajwadi Party leads

Allahabad West: Pooja Pal of the Bahujan Samaj Party leads
Tuesday March 6, 201212:54Sify Editors

[Comment From S.K.PandeyS.K.Pandey:]
Pratap pur consituency from Allahabad , who is leading
Tuesday March 6, 201212:53S.K.Pandey

[Comment From GuestGuest:]
who is leading in allahabad north
Tuesday March 6, 201212:53Guest

[Comment From debnathdebnath:]
who party leading in allahabad constituency?
Tuesday March 6, 201212:53debnath

Sify Editors:
Candidate Janmejai Singh of the Bharatiya Janata Party leads
Tuesday March 6, 201212:48Sify Editors

[Comment From RiteshRitesh:]
who is Leading in Deoria ?
Tuesday March 6, 201212:48Ritesh

Sify Editors:
Candidate Amarpal of the Bahujan Samaj Party currently leads by 4199
Tuesday March 6, 201212:46Sify Editors

[Comment From AMIT HAMIT H:]
Who is leading on Sahibabad Seat?
Tuesday March 6, 201212:45AMIT H

Sify Editors:
Candidate Ashwani of the Bharatiya Janata Party currently leads by 170 votes
Tuesday March 6, 201212:45Sify Editors

[Comment From Suraj KumarSuraj Kumar:]
Please tell me who is ahead in Sahjanwa vidhan sabh
Tuesday March 6, 201212:45Suraj Kumar

Sify Editors:
Uma Bharti reacts to the results :

"I worry about the state of UP because the SP is a party of thugs."

"The BJP has not lost, although our results are unexpected."
Tuesday March 6, 201212:43Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Mahesh Kumar Sharma of the Bharatiya Janata Party leads by over 17k votes
Tuesday March 6, 201212:36Sify Editors

[Comment From AjayAjay:]
Who is leading in Noida. can anyone tell me
Tuesday March 6, 201212:36Ajay

Sify Editors:
Ravindra Tripathi leads Jahid Beg of Samajwadi Party by 730 votes currently
Tuesday March 6, 201212:34Sify Editors

[Comment From rajeshrajesh:]
ravindra tripathi bhadohi
Tuesday March 6, 201212:33rajesh

Sify Editors:
Currrently Jayant is leading by 6309 votes
Tuesday March 6, 201212:32Sify Editors

[Comment From Dilip,DelhiDilip,Delhi:]
What about Jayant from Manth in Mathura? Is he trailing from shyam?
Tuesday March 6, 201212:32Dilip,Delhi

Sify Editors:
Modinagar - Candidate Sudesh Sharma of the Rashtriya Lok Dal leads currently
Tuesday March 6, 201212:26Sify Editors

[Comment From KapilKapil:]
Can any one please tell who is ahead in the race on Modinagar seat in UP?
Tuesday March 6, 201212:25Kapil

Sify Editors:
Akhilesh Yadav reacts to the results -

I would like to thank the public for their confidence in us.

I feel that we need to wait until the final counting is over as we still might get the majority.

I will not comment about alliances as of yet but once the final count is done we will decide.

The whole party wants Netaji (Mulayam Singh Yadav) to become the CM and he will become the CM.
Tuesday March 6, 201212:25Sify Editors
Is this final proof that Rahul Gandhi cannot get the votes for the Congress party?
Yes, he is not a vote catcher
( 68% )
No, Rahul did not fail in UP
( 20% )
Not sure, give him another chance
( 12% )

Tuesday March 6, 201212:22

Sify Editors:
The defense of Rahul Gandhi is beginning to well-worn by now. Can Rahul Gandhi ever become a vote-winner?
Tuesday March 6, 201212:20Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
First reactions from the Congress of the UP results -

"Need to introspect where we went wrong"

"Rahul Gandhi has not failed, his rallies were always well attended"

"We need to understand why we failed to get the votes"
Tuesday March 6, 201212:19Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Saharanpur - Candidate Jagpal of the Bahujan Samaj Party is currently leading in the tally
Tuesday March 6, 201212:17Sify Editors

[Comment From mohit guptamohit gupta:]
plz tell me who won fron saharanpur dehat?
Tuesday March 6, 201212:17mohit gupta

[Comment From Akhilesh SinghAkhilesh Singh:]
Are you Sure Complete the samajwadi Party his target
Tuesday March 6, 201212:15Akhilesh Singh

[Comment From anuraganurag:]
These results have once again proved that people of uttar pradesh have once again voted for development and good governance, not caste and religion politics.
Tuesday March 6, 201212:14anurag

[Comment From RahulRahul:]
Mayawati has only spent money from tax payers on promotion of her Party and herself by making statues worth crores,, if this money she would have spent on development, results would have been vice versa..
Tuesday March 6, 201212:14Rahul

[Comment From Dinesh KumarDinesh Kumar:]
I think SP is not the right choice as of now. But let see how it works in it's tenure in UP. There are lots of chalanges to look upon. Crime must be in control while SP is rulling and emphasis should be on development and development in all the state not only Mulayam's local area.
Tuesday March 6, 201212:14Dinesh Kumar

Sify Editors:
A massive swarm of press and camera people nearly crush Akhilesh Yadav as he tries to enter his own HQ.

Let him past guys...

Unless he is in there we will never know what Govt will be declared in UP. It's not like he wont announce the intentions of his party!
Tuesday March 6, 201212:14Sify Editors

[Comment From BharathBharath:]
It should be a eye-opener for Rahul, so called future of Congress.
Tuesday March 6, 201212:06Bharath

[Comment From Dinesh KumarDinesh Kumar:]
Mayawati has done nothing in UP on the name of development. The state condition is worst in last 5 years, look at the roads, electricity health etc. everything is worst.
Tuesday March 6, 201212:06Dinesh Kumar

[Comment From BharathBharath:]
Be focussed on the problems and trying to resolve it...
Tuesday March 6, 201212:06Bharath

[Comment From ramesh mishraramesh mishra:]
due to hathi park no development,no employments
Tuesday March 6, 201212:06ramesh mishra

[Comment From SudhirSudhir:]
Mayawati Most corrupt politician blaming others for corruption
Tuesday March 6, 201212:06Sudhir

Sify Editors:
Akhilesh Yadav meanwhile has arrived at the Samajwadi Party HQ. Some hard decisions need to be made.

The SP has gotten the biggest mandate by far, now it's only a matter of making a government.

Also - who will be the CM? Is it Mulayam? Will Akhilesh pull a surprise and take the seat for himself?
Tuesday March 6, 201212:06Sify Editors

[Comment From AladdinAladdin:]
HATHI MERE SAATHI..... Noe she has soooo many idle Haathis, better learn and sing the song ... chal chal mere haathi.......o mere saathi......khatara kheech kay....
Tuesday March 6, 201212:04Aladdin

Sify Editors:
The Samajwadi party is probably giddy right now. they have inched ever so close to that magic number - 202. They currently over around 190.

A few independents, one or two smaller parties and the Samajwadi party can form a government without the Congress. That move would be the most favorable among the rank and file of the SP since that would allow independent policy and action for the next five years.

The SP has never wavered in its support for the UPA ever since 2009. So perhaps its fortunes in UP will not affect the equations in the Centre.

The biggest party the SP can steal at this time is the RLD, a Congress ally. Arnab Goswami of Times Now has been pushing that line as hard as he can but that is still unconfirmed.

But the biggest hope and dreams of all the SP is an independent government with a complete majority on it's own.

We will know soon

Tuesday March 6, 201212:04Sify Editors

[Comment From narendranarendra:]
whether any party will come in majority in uttarpradesh
Tuesday March 6, 201211:30narendra

Sify Editors:
As the Samajwadi inches closer to 180-185 seats the question of the mandate is on every one's mind.

There is no hard and fast rule that the Samajwadi has to take the help of the Congress. Including the independents and the RLD the Samajwadi can make a government.

In about an hour or two we will find out if they will go that route.

Tuesday March 6, 201211:30Sify Editors

[Comment From NizamuddinNizamuddin:]
Congress is paying for it's proximity to USA n Israel. It's deceitful campaign on Muslin reservation which helped BJP to gain n of course, lack of organization on ground. Behenji deserves what she is getting. The stage is set for 2014 n UPA will godown in the sink. But - what next?
Tuesday March 6, 201211:08Nizamuddin

Sify Editors:
The trends continue to point that the BJP and the Congress have performed almost equally in UP.

This means that the disappointment is also equally shared. The BJP had really stuck it's head out, campaigning with Gadkari and Uma Bharati and putting it's best effort. But the returns have not matched that effort.

Also the BJP has struggled with internal divisions. Narendra Modi stayed away in sulk and many feel that it has cost the BJP dearly.

The Congress meanwhile is in damage control mode. They do have a point. Winning close to 50-55 seats in UP is not good but it is not as bad as initial speculation suggested either.
Tuesday March 6, 201211:08Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
Louise Khurshid, wife of Salman Khurshid, trailing.

The Khurshids have been in the news for over a month now thanks to all the talk of a Muslim quota and the fight with the Election Commission but all that has not translated to votes
Tuesday March 6, 201210:46Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
The BSP has been completely beaten. They appear to be set to lose over a 100 seats.

Obviously Mayawati's policies have found no takers. The verdict seems to be far more than a simple anti-incumbency bent.

Are the voters punishing the BSP for it's perceived arrogance? Have the statues really annoyed that many people? Has development been lacking?

Certainly a rich fodder for editors to use for weeks to come.
Tuesday March 6, 201210:45Sify Editors

[Comment From kishorkishor:]
congress learnt lesson of their antisocial activites, scams, non working of manmohan singh
Tuesday March 6, 201210:40kishor

[Comment From Mujeeb KhanMujeeb Khan:]
In this Cong.bashing we fail to notice that the gap in Cong + & BJP + is not significant.
Tuesday March 6, 201210:40Mujeeb Khan

[Comment From Mr.PooniaMr.Poonia:]
swarthi or matlabi sarkar hoti hai sab..public ki koi nhi sunta hai...yahi hi sach hai......
Tuesday March 6, 201210:34Mr.Poonia

Sify Editors:
From another angle the biggest disappointment is probably among the BJP camps. They have not capitalized on the bad fortunes of the Congress to the expected levels.

In a percentage-wise comparison the Congress has managed to raise it's tally higher than the BJP.
Tuesday March 6, 201210:34Sify Editors

[Comment From Mujeeb KhanMujeeb Khan:]
Its good that SP Election sign is a bicycle.Just imagine if it would have been a giraffe or hippo,it would have been a cumbersome task to replace elephants with Giraffe or Hippo's
Tuesday March 6, 201210:28Mujeeb Khan

Sify Editors:
The Congress are trailing in Amethi. In fact they are in third place.

Should they lose Amethi then the 2012 elections can officially be etched into the darkest chapters of the Congress party.

But that would be the biggest wake-up call for the Congress. They badly need to change their strategy and rethink and reboot their entire strategy.
Tuesday March 6, 201210:26Sify Editors
RT @KartikDhar: "@amreekandesi: I am guessing the Dalits didn’t vote for Congress because Rahul Gandhi ate all of their food." [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 201210:24joelkaka
All the votes Rahul Gandhi could influence were of those aspirational girls who claim him to be cute. #Elections2012. #UP [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 201210:24HR26BE2
RT @SouleFacts: Congress and Rahul Gandhi simply failed to understand the mathematics of 82% and 18%, by concentrating on 18% it aleinated d 82%, now result [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 201210:24kthirumani

Sify Editors:
Against the backdrop of the other states the performance of the Congress looks even more shabby.

They were hoping to do well in at least four states, leaving Uttar Pradesh. But they have been lost out in Punjab, Uttarakhand and Goa as well.

But Manipur is the only place where the Congress has done very well.
Tuesday March 6, 201210:23Sify Editors

[Comment From suresh .seep msuresh .seep m:]
what is the position of congress after result.........? will they dictate or fallow public choice in center ??????
Tuesday March 6, 201210:10suresh .seep m

[Comment From Mujeeb KhanMujeeb Khan:]
SP is not correct choice feel BJP OR Cong.should have had a a chance in UP this time.
Tuesday March 6, 201210:10Mujeeb Khan

Sify Editors:
How will the Samajwadi party get the all-important majority?

Obviously the Congress will be ready for an alliance but the Samajwadi will be hoping for a complete majority on it's own.

The SP may have to give a few sops to the Congress for their seats but considering the size of the SP victory, the concessions will probably not be large.

Akhilesh Yadav has been very clear that his father Mulayam Singh Yadav will be the Chief Minister, so the next biggest concession the SP may have to make is a promise of absolute support in the Centre.
Tuesday March 6, 201210:10Sify Editors

[Comment From jackjack:]
amith singh trailing from AMETHI...it cannt get any worse for congress
Tuesday March 6, 201210:04jack

[Comment From radheyradhey:]
congress no way in india or up
Tuesday March 6, 201210:04radhey
LolRT @greatbong Rahul Gandhi has just delivered Manipur to the Congress. Make him PM. NOW. [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:59insurgent_tej
RT @TheUnRealTimes: Rahul Gandhi could still become the CM of Manipur you know... #AE12 #Elections2012 [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:58amithk108
Is Nitin Gadkari the unsung hero of #elections2012 #bjp [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:58rajkalur
#Elections2012 Rahul Gandhi to visit the families of those who conducted #Exitpolls . [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:58TwI_LAnThRoPiST

[Comment From radheyradhey:]
congresss decline is clear and going to zero in coming year
Tuesday March 6, 20129:58radhey

[Comment From PCPC:]
Good job Sifi Editors... I am going to sleep.. Later on ...please show a color state map with winning parties
Tuesday March 6, 20129:58PC

[Comment From jackjack:]
whats up with heavyweights???any casualty so far...we heard mukhtar ansari is trailing..any big news
Tuesday March 6, 20129:57jack

Sify Editors:
What went wrong for the Congress?

The communal angle has obviously failed. They failed to pull anyone to their side with the Muslim reservation plan.

Salman Khurshid's ideas also found no favour.

Rahul's claim that the Congress would develop the state was a claim that was always taken with a huge dose of salt.

Perhaps the most important factor was that the Congress did not even have a Chief Minister candidate. They never appeared all that serious about the state.
Tuesday March 6, 20129:46Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
All signs indicate a hung assembly. The Samajwadi Party is leading by far but short of absolute. The BSP has recovered some ground but is still reeling. The BJP tallies are slowing down but firmly in third place.

The biggest loser so far has been the Congress. Despite the hectic efforts of Rahul Gandhi and his team, the Congress could not unseat the BJP from third place.
Tuesday March 6, 20129:41Sify Editors

[Comment From pcpc:]
Mayavati did nothing but put her statues and chpped trees... But both were good at looting UP... Let us see how much more will Mulayam loot this time
Tuesday March 6, 20129:37pc

Sify Editors:
Luckily for Rahul Gandhi, Congress partymen have been falling over each other to assure everyone that should the Congress get beaten in Uttar Pradesh then it is not Rahul's fault.

That helps, but we think that the Congress would have preferred a slightly better performance. For now it is being routed in UP.

Tuesday March 6, 20129:32Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
It appears that the Congress is trailing in all five Rae Bareli seats.

If they lose there not only will it be historic but will probably be the most absolute proof that Rahul Gandhi's campaigns have failed.
Tuesday March 6, 20129:30Sify Editors
I am more excited to know whats gonna happen to Mayawati statues. #UP [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:28jagrutd
#AE12 happy to see Mayawati say her goodbyes in #UP. Rahul Gandhi’s communal strategy Back fired. [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:28shriramb08
@nichetechie exactly I dunno why twitter junta is so happy to bash them when the real bashing is happening for Mayawati!!! [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:28Sylvianism
Epic "@vikrantmisra: What wud R G , Mayawati , Mulayam be doing right now ? Standing in front of mirror and asking HAVE I MADE IT LARGE ?" [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:28bhavyang
Mayawati is now going to be like Rajesh Khanna in that old movie. Tons of elephants and nowhere to go!!! #elections2012 [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:27vikrantmisra

[Comment From sudhir gargsudhir garg:]
Either Samajwadi or Mayawati....every one wants to loot public money....
Tuesday March 6, 20129:27sudhir garg

Sify Editors:
Here is an interesting trend - the tally of the Samajwadi Party now exceeds the combined total of the BJP and the BSP.

Although the Samajwadi party is still far away from the magic number of 202 seats to claim an absolute majority in the state.

But Samajwadi party will hope to rule UP alone without the Congress.
Tuesday March 6, 20129:27Sify Editors

[Comment From indrapa singhindrapa singh:]
by bsp - to much loss youth due to bsp polisy
Tuesday March 6, 20129:22indrapa singh

[Comment From PCPC:]
Mujeeb .. you are correct but UP politiciuans screwed both Cities and villages... So I will choose the better poison
Tuesday March 6, 20129:22PC
Why has Mayawati done so badly in UP?
Bad governance
( 62% )
Too many statues
( 13% )
( 16% )
( 9% )

Tuesday March 6, 20129:21

Sify Editors:
It is almost assured now that Mayawati has been completely left out to dry in Uttar Pradesh.

There were obviously many factors including anti-incumbency, development and possibly too little governance and too much statue building.
Tuesday March 6, 20129:20Sify Editors
RT @Prakash_Sharma: BJP with miraculous gainsin Uttar Pradesh less NaMo must reinvent secular self 2 pose serious chllnge 2 Rahul Gandhi. #AE12 #Elections12 #UP [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:18jaideepsethiya
CONgress ka pappu college main fail, bihar mein fail aur ab uttar pradesh mein bhi fail #elections2012 #UP #CorruptCONgress [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:18ankitti
Rahul Gandhi, people of Uttar Pradesh are vigilant.U shouldn’t have promised them Andhra Pradesh model of governance.Poor guys got scared! [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:17prashanthbhat
Uttar pradesh mein haathi kis karvat baithega [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:17vivekagra2001
Politics in Uttar Pradesh is binding or diving the secular religion ?? #Elections2012 [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20129:17goonjV

Sify Editors:
The alliance speculations are beginning to come in.

The Samajwadi and the Congress already look as if they will get a clear majority.

However if the BJP holds the BSP's hand once more then they can try to make a govt.
Tuesday March 6, 20129:08Sify Editors

[Comment From Mujeeb KhanMujeeb Khan:]
Naidu did his bit only for Cities and not Villages in AP.SP or anyone should industrialise UP
Tuesday March 6, 20129:08Mujeeb Khan
Has the Samajwadi Party swept the UP polls?
It's too early to say
( 18% )
Yes, they will win
( 64% )
They will head a coalition govt
( 18% )

Tuesday March 6, 20128:59

Sify Editors:
"When the momentum is with you, you can cross 170 seats easily" Prannoy Roy declares on NDTV when speaking about the Samajwadi party.

Well momentum is a strange thing to consider in a vote tally but his point stands. Will it be Samajwadi?
Tuesday March 6, 20128:58Sify Editors

[Comment From hmm...hmm...:]
but UP always loses... whether its Akhilesh yadav or Rahul Gandhi.. nothing will change UP.
Tuesday March 6, 20128:56hmm...

Sify Editors:
However let us try and reign in our predictions, it is barely 9 am and we have a long day of counting before us.
Tuesday March 6, 20128:53Sify Editors

Sify Editors:
But it is Mayawati's BSP which is suffering the most. All trends indicate that the BSP has lost significantly.

Tuesday March 6, 20128:52Sify Editors

[Comment From GuestGuest:]
Tuesday March 6, 20128:51Guest

Sify Editors:
Where ever Akhilesh Yadav went, he assured the people that change was on it's way.

And the message seems to be heard. The Samajwadi Party continues to lead the trends with the BJP right at it's heels.
Tuesday March 6, 20128:51Sify Editors

[Comment From PCPC:]
What will SP do to turn Locknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, Bareilly kind of large cities into Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore ??? Why can't these cities be like those ??? Why UP politicians have to backward oriented... why not some one like a Naidu.. I will take a corrupt but efficient Naidu instead of a honest but backward looking Mulayam
Tuesday March 6, 20128:42PC

Sify Editors:
The performance of the BJP and the SP is giving several news anchors heart palpitations.

Although the pundits had expected a good performance by the Samajwadi Party, the current leads are exceeding all predictions.
Tuesday March 6, 20128:40Sify Editors
Uttar Pradesh trends: SP leading on 18 seats, BSP: 6, BJP: 13, Congress: 3 and Others: 1 [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20128:34starnewslive
watching the poll results.. Samajwadi Party leading in Uttar Pradesh for now.. [via Twitter]
Tuesday March 6, 20128:34ankit_j

Sify Editors:
The first leads are in and it is the BJP that is leading! While it is still early to say exactly what the final result will be, the early outlook shows the BJP performing better than all expectations.

The SP is also leading while the BSP is quickly losing grounds.
Tuesday March 6, 20128:32Sify Editors
Everyone supported us, cautious Mulayam says - Widely tipped to bag Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam...http://bit.ly/z5epi3 [via Twitter]
Monday March 5, 20129:56India_Headlines
Awaiting the biggest day of 2012 which will set the platform for next govt at center, that’s the power of the state known as UTTAR PRADESH! [via Twitter]
Monday March 5, 20129:53tarun_g22
@sardesairajdeep hung Uttar Pradesh doesn’t mean we hang Rahul. Dalit politics or Goondaraj none are better [via Twitter]
Monday March 5, 20129:50sandipan_das
RT @sagarikaghose: A tsunami in Uttar Pradesh. CNNIBN Week projections show a Bihar or Bengal type verdict. SP could get upto 250. Even mulayam must be shocked [via Twitter]
Monday March 5, 20129:50sutirthadas
Why Uttar Pradesh should be the Ulta Pradesh? All parties are trying to be winners by hook or crook. [via Twitter]
Monday March 5, 20129:50mlallu

Sify Editors:
Traveling with lieutenants of Samajwadi party Uttar Pradesh Samajwadi party unit chief Akhilesh Yadav, you would be forgiven for thinking the Samajwadi Party is already in power.

We are driving past an empty stretch of land just outside Lucknow, having a normal conversation. There are just the two of us in the car. Suddenly, lowering his voice, Akhilesh's right hand man says: "that's the place where we will manufacture the laptops". Free laptops to students is one of the poll promises made in the SP manifesto.

Preliminary negotiations have already been held with a Japan-based company that will set up a plant in UP and will be allowed to produce computer hardware-provided it delivers a certain number of laptops to the state government-that SP hopes it will head after 6 March when the results of the assembly elections are out.

The move has 'Akhilesh' written all over it. . Read more
Monday March 5, 20129:48Sify Editors
Samajwadi Partys UP President Akhilesh Yadav talking to the media at his residence in Lucknow
Monday March 5, 20129:46
[Be Right Back Countdown] 5 minutes
Monday March 5, 20129:38

Sify Editors:
India's most populous state will have (possibly) a new leader on Tuesday. Exit polls indicate between a hung Assembly and a victory for the Samajwadi Party.

But we can't count Mayawati's BSP out yet.
Monday March 5, 20124:51Sify Editors
Will the Congress prove to be kingmakers in UP?
( 19% )
( 81% )

Monday March 5, 20124:50

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