London mayor's sister gives details of her Brazilian bikini wax

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 02, 2011 10:30 hrs

Mayor of London Boris Johnson's sister has revealed how she came to get a Brazilian bikini wax done after her teenage daughter told her she had got one.

Rachel Johnson, 45, wrote a detailed description of it for Vogue magazine, and it began with her bursting into tears after she discovered that her daughter Milly had been to a beauty salon to get what she describes as a "pornographic aesthetic".

Johnson, who is married to Ivo Dawnay, communications director of the National Trust, told how the drama began when she handed her credit card to Milly for a leg wax.

"Later, I asked how much it had cost. 'Forty pounds', she said. I squawked. 'Mum, I didn't have a leg wax', she told me. 'I had a Brazilian'," the Daily Mail quoted her as writing.

"All I could think was that females - including, disturbingly, my own child - were submitting to a pornographic aesthetic; an aesthetic that was persuading generations of girls and women that their own bodies, in their natural state, were, in some way, dirty and needed fixing up. I started wailing," she revealed.

But she soon changed her tune, after her daughter told her that everyone did it.

"After my daughter's shock depilation, I talked to friends all over the world. To my surprise I found that most of my peers, on every continent - even English mothers my age - confessed to keeping themselves 'tidy'," she stated.

So she visited the Ministry of Waxing, a Mayfair beauty salon, and submitted herself to her first Brazilian wax.

The experience, she reported, was "strangely...comfortable...I couldn't believe how painless it was".

"So it was that I went from Mama Grizzly to porn star in 20 painless minutes," she added.

"It's all right for young women, single ladies, Hollywood actresses, gay men and maybe even for my own daughter. But for me? I don't know if I can be bothered - especially if my man's not," she concluded. (ANI)

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