Maharashtra educationist's daughter named as political adviser to Sweden Prime Minister

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 08, 2019 00:02 hrs

[India], Feb 7 (ANI): A woman of Indian descent, Nila Vikhe Patil has been named as the political adviser in the office of Swedish Prime Stefan Lofven.

Nila, who is the daughter of leading educationist Ashok Vikhe Patil and granddaughter of former Union Minister Balasaheb Vikhe Patil will be working with Stefan Lofven, the Social Democrat leader who was last month elected as Swedish Prime Minister, leading a Social Democrat-Green Party coalition.

Talking to ANI, Ashok Vikhe Patil said that he is delighted about his daughter's achievements. Stating that good education does not necessarily make good citizens, he said that she joined the Green Party when she was 16 as she resonated with the agenda of the party.

Expressing happiness about her "meaningful" way of life, he said: "She has been elected to Municipal Corporation of Stockholm where she takes care of the elderly."

"She is following the footsteps of her grandfather. We guided her and she took the pain to make efforts. She has achieved everything on her own as it was all her struggle," Patil said.

"She was born in Sweden but she lived in India. When I realised that I cannot provide her with a good education in India, I decided to send her to Sweden. Girls are treated as second-class citizens in this country," Nila's father said.

She holds a Bachelor's degree and MBA in multiple languages from Gothenburg School of Business, with Economics and Law and also studied MBA at the University de Complutense in Madrid.

Talking about Patil's political background, Nila's father said that she has been influenced by her family and roots. "She has seen my father's work for the poor and farmers, and she has learnt from that," Patil said.

Her father further said that Nila has been a member of the Board of the Green Party, Swedish Young Greens, Green Party Gothenburg, Green Students of Sweden, and also a member of the executive committee of the Green Party Stockholm, he said. (ANI)