Majority of Americans believe Obama will win presidential race against Romney

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 01, 2012 08:30 hrs

A majority of Americans think President Barack Obama will win the White House race over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, a new poll has found.

According to the Gallup poll, nearly 54 percent Americans think that Obama will defeat Romney, while nearly 34 percent think the same for the former Massachusetts governor will win.

But the actual race for the White House appears to be a much closer contest.

National surveys of those likely to vote in the presidential contest indicate the race is basically tied, with surveys in the crucial battleground states suggesting that Obama has the slightest of edges over Romney, CNN reports.

A CNN Poll of Polls conducted over the past nine days (nearly after the final presidential debate) indicates that Romney has 48 percent chances of winning the race, while the president has 47 percent chances.

"I think what we're really seeing in the national polling is that the president is right at the do-or-die line among white voters," CNN Senior Political Analyst and National Journal Editorial Director Ron Brownstein said.

Brownstein said that Obama needs to carry 40 percent of the white vote and 80 percent of the minority vote to win a second term. (ANI)

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