'Many searching for a solution to stop Modi'

Last Updated: Mon, Mar 03, 2014 11:19 hrs

Muzzaffarpur: Sharing the stage with his latest political best friend Ram Vilas Paswan of the Lok Janshakti Party, BJP Prime Minister hopeful Narendra Modi on Monday tore into his political rivals saying that many in the political circles are these days looking for a 'solution to stop Modi'.

Addressing a big rally in which LJP chief Paswan and his son Chirag appeared for the first time with BJP's Modi after the two parties stitched an alliance last week, the Gujarat CM said the country's polity was now divided into two camps: "One headed by us is looking for a solution to country's problems while the other is searching for a solution to stop Modi."

Modi accused Nitish Kumar of going soft on terror and asserted that Bihar has become a safe haven for terrorists as the government has failed to act tough in a bid to woo Muslim voters.

The Gujarat Chief Minister referred to the low-intensity blasts that occurred before his Patna rally in October last year and said, "The border (Bihar's) with Nepal is a cause for concern. Bihar has become a safe haven for terrorists due to vote bank politics of the government. It has not adopted tough policies against them to appease some people."

"You may not like Modi or the BJP, but those who died in the blasts were also from Bihar. Those indulging in the politics of vote bank do not understand this ideology. Sooner we get rid of such people, the better it is," Modi added.

Praising Paswan, Modi stated that he has always been courteous to the LJP leader in personal meetings and did not shy away from being photographed with him despite their ideological differences which was an apparent dig at Kumar whom the BJP leader called a hypocrite.Modi said that Kumar greeted him with affection once and shared a meal but feared shaking hands in public. "People pardon your mistakes but not hypocrisy," Modi roared.

Paswan, who had quit the National Democratic Alliance at the Centre in 2002 after the Gujarat riots blaming the present PM aspirant, said there is a wave in favour of Modi which will take him to the seat of power.

"Modi was born in a poor family who has been a victim of political untouchability... He is going to wear a crown of thorns now. I hope no community will say a year later that Modi is not their leader," he said apparently referring to Muslims' unease towards Modi.

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