Meet Mr Body Art: UK's most tattooed man

Last Updated: Wed, Mar 06, 2013 10:50 hrs

London: Britain's most tattooed man - has changed his moniker by a deed poll to Mr Body Art.

Matt Whelan, who has spent more than 20,000 pounds and had at least 300 hours under the needle, has 80 per cent of his skin covered in designs - and has even had one of his eyeballs tattooed, the Mirror reported.

Also known as the King of Inkland he said that he wanted tattoos since the age of nine after seeing his dad's and uncle's and got his first one, a British Bulldog with a blank scroll, at 16.

The former wrestler, from Birmingham, said that people who do what he does treat their body like a temple, like Christians have Jesus, they have their bodies.

The 33-year-old asserted that for his eyeballs, he went to the opticians beforehand and got several opinions.

He said that when he dies he wants to leave his body to a museum.

He added that someone in Canada has already asked to use his skull as a paint pot.

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