Meet the Chinese businessman who gave daughter '100 mln pounds dowry'

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 02, 2013 05:20 hrs

A wealthy Chinese business tycoon has bestowed over a billion Yuan as dowry for his daughter's marriage.

Wu Duanbiao, chairman of ceramics firm Fujian Wanli Group, gave his daughter a gigantic 100 million pounds dowry that included four boxes of gold jewellery.

The wedding took place in Cizao town, Jinjiang county, in eastern China's Fujian province.

Pictures of the wedding were posted on the Internet on Sunday, showed the dowry also included a bankbook with deposits worth 20 million Yuan and Wanli stock worth 5 million Yuan, the South China Morning Post reports.

It also included numerous property assets including a retail store in Quanzhou, and real estate such as the Olympic villas and the Wanda mansion.

The internet post, labelled "eight day open-air banquet", claimed that the wedding banquet that began on December 28 would last eight days to entertain public guests.

Wu also gave donations worth 15 million Yuan to two local charity organisations. (ANI)

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