Meet the stuntman who is set to skydive without a parachute

Source : ANI
Last Updated: Wed, May 23, 2012 13:22 hrs

A British stuntman is aiming to make aviation history by becoming the world's first skydiver to land without using a parachute.

Gary Connery, 42, from Oxfordshire, will leap from a helicopter a mile above Henley then glide towards a field using a specially adapted wing suit, which will allow him to fly, Sky News reported.

Seconds before reaching the ground, he will "flare" his suit to slow his descent to land safely on a "runway" of 18,000 cardboard boxes.

To prepare for the jump he has undergone weeks of rigorous training in Switzerland and Italy, leaping from mountains and cliffs to perfect his wing suit glide angle.

Connery will move towards his target at a glide-ratio of two-to-one - for every metre he falls, he flies forward two metres.

The landing strip will be 350ft-long, 40ft-wide and 12ft-deep. If he miscalculates his approach he will have a split second to call off the jump and deploy an emergency parachute.

If the jump goes wrong and he fails to react in time, he will miss the boxes and hit the ground. But Connery is quite confident about being successful.

"I'm 100 percent confident I can achieve this jump. I know I can fly, I know I can hit the target, I feel I've assessed the risk that I'm presented with and I've put everything in place to minimise that risk."

Connery asserted that he has planned for every eventuality

As part of his training, Connery analysed the flight of kite birds and how they use their tail to control their flight direction.

"Kites steer by twisting their tail one way or another and I'll be doing the same," he explained.

Connery made his debut parachute jump at the age of 23 after joining the army.

He went on to become a professional stuntman finishing 880 skydives and 450 base jumps.

He has acted as stunt-double for the likes of Gary Oldman, John Hurt and Rowan Atkinson and appeared in films like The Beach, Die Another Day, Batman Begins and Indiana Jones.

He has also leapt from the Eiffel Tower, Nelson's Column, Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

"This stunt will get great recognition and will be a post in the runway of aviation history," said Connery.

"I'm sure plenty of people will think I'm bonkers but that's ok, I take that as a compliment," Connery added.

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