Mel Gibson abuses girlfriend in a tape

Last Updated: Sun, Jul 11, 2010 01:00 hrs

More problems surfaced Saturday for actor Mel Gibson, whose agent cancelled his contract and whose alleged voice was published in a tape of harsh rant against his girlfriend.

The talent agency that represented Gibson, William Morris Endeavor, cancelled its contract with the star, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, the director and star of 'Braveheart' is heard on a tape published on using sexist and racist language to berate his ex-girlfriend, singer Oksana Grigorieva, for wearing tight skirts and breast implants.

Just days ago, the Los Angeles sheriff said the 54-year-old Hollywood star was part of an investigation into charges of domestic violence in January. Grigorieva, the 40-year-old mother of Gibson's eighth child, has charged that Gibson beat her so badly in that incident that she lost teeth.

In the tape, a voice that RadarOnline says is Gibson's charges that Oksana had lied to him about having breast implants. He says they made her 'look like a Vegas whore' and she should 'get rid of them'.

Gibson had six sons and a daughter with estranged wife Robyn Moore, who filed for divorce in April 2009 to end 30 years of marriage. Six weeks after that, Gibson confirmed that Grigorieva was pregnant. She gave birth in October 2009.

Gibson and the singer separated two months ago and have been battling over custody of the eight-month-old Lucia.

Major Hollywood studios have avoided Gibson for long stretches due to repeated outbursts. In his 2006 drunk-driving arrest, he launched an anti-semitic tirade.

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment dropped Gibson after his longtime agent Ed Limato died earlier this month, the Hollywood Reporter reported. The newspaper said that an agency partner pushed to sever the contract because of Gibson's anti-semitism and scepticism about the Holocaust.

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