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Congratulate Akhilesh Yadav

Congratulate Akhilesh Yadav on becoming the youngest CM in UP.


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Posted By: satyanarayan yadav On:27/04/2013
If he can bring some development to UP like eduction, employment, infrastructure then only he can retain the power in next election otherwise his happiness will be shortlived may be for 5 years.
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Posted By: MAHESH VAIDYA On:09/02/2013
akhilesh is the yungest cm on india
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Posted By: Gundosrri On:06/02/2013
Aloha! isn
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Posted By: amar gupta On:10/12/2012
congratulation sir ji........
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Posted By: adacamping On:09/12/2012
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Posted By: kaleraftr On:09/12/2012
I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but Im glad I visited. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I believe my visitors will find that very useful.
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Posted By: Gundoslpv On:07/12/2012
Aloha! air
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Posted By: Rigalaskigh On:06/12/2012
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My name'S Molly and I'M 19, i work as a model.
I am hardworking, see.
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Posted By: Abdo On:17/10/2012
Hi Luca! Welcome to the blog. I don't know where you are posting from at the mnmoet but I think you might be from the school in New Zealand that are linked to our Year 5 at Thistly Meadow. Is that right? When I was a child I lived in Melbourne in Australia, in the estate in Vermont South where the soap Neighbours is now set. As children we used to sing, Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin flew away. Father Christmas lost his whiskers flying TAA. TAA was Trans Australian Airways a local airline. Is this the song you are thinking about?This is a Christmas song. In India the main religion is Hindu, and they don't celebrate Christmas. Their main festival is Divali, celebrated in November. It celebrates the story of king and queen Rama and Sita defeating the evil god Ravana and returning from exile to their city of Alodya. To welcome them the people put candles, or divas, in their doorways, to light the way. So no, I don't think they sing this song. I haven't heard this song since leaving Australia when I was eight years old. It's not a song English children sing about Christmas. I think it's only sung in Australia and New Zealand. Where we live, in Leicester, many Indian people live, particularly from the Gujarat region of India, as this area is famous for textiles, and Leicester's main industry is textiles (making clothes and cloth). Because of this, Leicester has the biggest Divali celebration outside India in the world.Thankyou, Luca. You have reminded me of a song I sung as a chilld that I had forgotten about.
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Posted By: Gundosjof On:16/10/2012
Aloha! uer
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